Monday, January 16, 2017

Tennessee: Dog shot, killed in Cooper-Young home robbery

TENNESSEE -- A Memphis community is on edge after the frightening robbery of one of their neighbors.

The victim was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight after the man inside her home shot the family dog.

Neighbors in the Cooper-Young area off Cox Street are shaken after the hearing about the incident.

Memphis police say the victim came home to find a man standing in her kitchen with a handgun.

John Chandler lives directly across the street and says the incident happened around 4 p.m.

"I didn't hear a gunshot or any commotion," said Chandler.

According to a police report, the robber demanded money from the victim but her purse was in her car.

Her dog, a German Shepherd mix named Wrigley, entered the kitchen and began barking at the intruder.

The gunman then shot and killed Wrigley.

After the robber shot her dog, he then pointed the gun at her and made her walk to her vehicle where she gave him her purse. He then jumped the gate and was last seen going northbound on Nelson Avenue.

"Scared me to death because we were sitting here watching television and she got up and came over and told me 'I just got robbed and they shot my dog'," Chandler explained.

Mitzi Minor is a 16 year resident of the Cooper-Young community.

"I think of this as a really good neighborhood where a terrible thing happened.  I sort of refuse to live in fear," said Minor.  "Her world was devastated and she was tearful yesterday as she was talking about it so it's really horrible," she added.

Neighbors say after the robbery they've come together in an effort to keep each other safe.

"We've all been saying that we're going to have to be more vigilant in terms of watching out for each other and I trust that we will," Minor stated.

The suspect in this robbery is described as a male in his 20's, last seen wearing a white sweatshirt and black shorts.  This investigation is ongoing.

(WMCTV - Jan 15, 2017)

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