Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tennessee: Woman gets thrill of a lifetime at Cades Cove

TENNESSEE -- An East Tennessee wildlife photographer captured a rare moment in Cades Cove on Saturday.

Sheila Trock, of Sheila Trock Photography, said she was prepared for an 11-point buck to jump a nearby fence, but that a visitor nearby was not. Trock said, "I'm pretty sure she didn't know what was going to happen. Proven by the expression on her face."

"There was a small group there including this lady Mary all taking pictures. I knew there was a good chance the buck would jump the fence so I was all set up for it," Trock said.

At first, Trock didn't realize she had actually executed the impeccably timed photo. "I didn't know I had the photo of her and the buck in the same shot until I got home to review them."

Upon further review, Trock realized she was sitting on a goldmine. "Her reaction is priceless," she said.

Through Facebook, Trock tracked down Mary and shared a copy of the photo for her to print and frame. Trock said the response she received from Mary was overwhelming.

Mary wrote back and shared that she suffered two strokes in Pigeon Forge several years ago and that doctors recently diagnosed her with an autoimmune disease. She said she was grateful that God allowed her another year of life that included such a beautiful experience with nature.

In her message to Sheila Trock, Mary wrote, "You have given me something more than just a pic of myself and a deer! The deer was showing me his strength and courage! I'm told I have not even a minute of guaranteed life because my blood could clot any second, even being on thinners. I look normal and very little damage from the strokes so now I try to live my life to the fullest. But wanted to share what this shot meant to me! Strength & Courage!"

Trock told Local 8 News, "The email I have from her is simply amazing. Brought me to tears."

(WVLT - Jan 16, 2017)