Sunday, January 8, 2017

Texas: Sheriff's Office looking into Shebbie's Puppy Palace, accused of being a puppy mill

TEXAS -- After receiving several complaints the Midland County Sheriff's Office is looking into an alleged puppy mill in Greenwood.

Allegations also surfaced on social media, leading to CBS 7 investigating the claims ourselves.

Speaking with the breeder, CBS 7 learned that over 65 animals, both cats and dogs, all live in this home.

However, because the house is located in the county there are no regulations restricting the number of pets allowed in a household.

The only regulations would be the pets live in a healthy environment and that the breeder be registered if they sell more than 20 animals in a calendar year.


"It must be a healthy environment," said Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter, "So we have to be successful to get enough information to make a case and we will make a case."

On Wednesday alone Sheriff Painter says his office had multiple calls regarding the home in Greenwood. Alarming messages were sent to CBS 7 News.

"There were crates on top of crates," said on Facebook user.

Another user said "They stay in cages until they leave her home."


A website dedicated to selling the pets is up and running calling itself Shebbie's Puppy Palace, accepting different forms of payment and offering all sorts of small dogs (Schnauzers, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Chiweenies), but the Sheriff says that alone isn't enough to determine whether or not the home is an illegal puppy mill or if the animals are living in inhumane conditions.

"We are doing everything we can, but right now there is no way we can make entry," said Sheriff Painter.

While working on the story a woman who knows the owner of the home spoke with a CBS 7 reporter.

"Every one of them is loved and cared for every minute of the day," said the woman.

Sheriff Painter says he will enforce the law and, when probable cause is presented, he will take action.

(CBS7 - Dec 29, 2016)