Saturday, January 21, 2017

United Kingdom: Dog named Bailey gets hydrotherapy after pit bull attack

UNITED KINGDOM -- Several puncture wounds courtesy of a [Staffordshire pit bull terrier] & a long & delayed train journey later, a bloodied Bailey is home


It was awful, I didn't know if the dog would ever let him go. He's a little brighter today as he hops around on three legs!

Back from the vets with bad news 😢He has potential nerve damage in his left leg after a Wednesday's attack

@shanedgj -  @kenningtonkitty Awe, that's awful news, poor dog :-(

@kenningtonkitty ‏- @shanedgj thank you Shane. He was attacked by a Staffie in Carlisle on Wednesday. I was bitten too.

@shanedgj - @kenningtonkitty sounds horrific, was the Staffie put down? Hope you're OK x

@kenningtonkitty - @shanedgj no the staffie is alive & well & living in a house with young children. But "it never bites anything" .....

Hydrotherapy for Bailey to try and heal nerve damage after the dog attack

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