Sunday, January 29, 2017

United Kingdom: Model, 22, scarred for life after a pit bull devil dog ran out of a house and attacked her

UNITED KINGDOM -- A model claims she has been left scarred for life after a pit bull terrier-type dog ran out of a house and sank its teeth into her leg as she walked down the street.

Heather Kugele, 22, suffered serious leg injuries and her left needed to be glued shut after being bitten by the mutt on Saturday in Jaywick, Essex.

The clothing model, who was rushed to hospital after the attack, says she has been left in agony with blood pouring out of the wound as she tries to walk.

Heather was out with her mum Lisa Leadbetter, 46, when the dog ran out of a residential property and pounced on her at the weekend.

Widowed Lisa, who works as a carer, said: “We didn’t even hear it, the dog just came from nowhere. Before we knew it, Heather was on the floor and the dog had its teeth clamped around her leg.

“She was rolling around in agony, I was doing everything I could to get it off her. Finally it let go but there was blood everywhere. I thought she was going to lose her leg.”

Heather was taken to Clacton hospital, Essex, where doctors treated the wound and her mum reported the matter to police.

The mum and daughter claim the police have failed to investigate properly, and have phoned them 20 times in a desperate bid to make sure no-one else falls victim to the dog.

Heather said: “The police just aren’t interested and it’s disgusting they aren’t taking this seriously. It’s their duty to investigate and potentially stop other people from being harmed.

“My mother brought me up to respect the police but how can I when they refuse to do their job?

“I don’t blame the dog. We have four dogs ourselves and we love dogs so we wouldn’t want the dog to unnecessarily suffer. What would happen if it got out and hurt a child? It could kill someone more vulnerable.

“I don’t know what they have on that’s so important but they need to take this case seriously. Ten days is far too long to wait.”

Heather claims police have told her it will be at least ten days before they even take a statement, but the force say they can take one sooner if she attends her local police station.

However, Heather claims she’s unable to walk due to her injuries and has offered to send Essex Police photos instead – but the force has told her they won’t have the resources to visit her until next week.

Heather now fears her modelling career may be affected.

She added: “I have got interviews lined up for the next few weeks but I can’t even stand up.

“How I’m expected to go and model when I’ve got these terrible injuries, I don’t know, but the police just don’t care. I want them to understand how serious this is and do something about it.”

Essex Police said they were investigating but said there would be a delay in taking a statement unless the family wish to visit their local police station.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said it was not investigating as it is currently a police matter.

(The Sun UK - Jan 17, 2017)

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