Thursday, January 19, 2017

Washington: Babysitter's three pit bulls, which attacked 7-year-old boy, have been located

Update: After Stephanie Birchette's 3 pit bulls mauled 7 year-old boy she was watching, the dogs "somehow" disappeared and she told police she didn't know where they were. Imagine her surprise when all 3 pit bulls showed up in the nearby town of Sedro-Woolley. Judge orders all 3 to be euthanized.

WASHINGTON -- Police were called a day after the attack, and said the 32-year-old woman who owned the dogs told them she didn’t have them and "didn’t know" where they were.

Five days later, police were able to track the dogs down at another home in Sedro Wooley. The dogs were seized and are being held under quarantine while the animal control office decides whether to declare them “dangerous dogs.”

Detectives said they are reviewing the case to determine if there is a basis for criminal charges.

She needs to be charged with hiding the dogs from police.

(Q13Fox - Jan 18, 2017)

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