Thursday, February 16, 2017

California: Woman asks for help with vet bill after her dog named Miya is skinned by an attacking pit bull

CALIFORNIA -- Ambrosia Vivian posted on Facebook Feb 15, 2017

Hey everyone

I need to ask for your prayers for my baby Miya. She was attacked by a pit bull yesterday. He ripped off the skin on her shoulder. She underwent emergency surgery last night. She made it through the surgery, and hopefully she will have a speedy recovery. Thank god my mom was there to apply pressure and get her home. A kind couple saw what happened and stopped to help. They gave my mom a ride back the house and we got Miya to the pet hospital. I dont have the names of the people that helped. Hopefully this will get shared and it will make its way to them. Thank you so much!!

My mom Felina Vasquez was walking our dogs last night. When she saw the pit bull she got down on her knees to cover our dogs. The littlest dog, Doo-dah, got away from my mom and the pit bull was headed straight for her. Miya ran over and lied down on top of her to protect her and thats when the pit bull got her.

The attack happened on the corner of michigan and washington in southgate ca between 6:45 and 7:15 last night

Please share this

Something needs to be done about the blue nose pit bull that runs loose in the area. The owner is an african american male, slender, short hair, short beard. He is in his mid 20s

GoFundMe link: "JUSTICE FOR MIYA!!!"

My name is Ambrosia Koontz, and I am starting this go fund me for my dog Miya

Yesterday (2/14/17) between 6:45 and 7:15 my mother was walking our 4 dogs. She was on the corner of Washington and Michigan in Southgate ca. A pit bull came out from behind a truck and started running toward her and our babies (our dogs). My mom got down on her knees to cover them and protect them from the pit bull. Our littlest dog, Doo-dah, got away from my mom and the pit bull started running for her. That's when my dog, Miya, ran out from under my mom and jumped on top of Doo-dah, using her body to shield her. The pit bull then grabbed Miya and started trying to pull her away from my mom. In doing so, he ripped the skin completely off of her shoulder. The owner of the pit bull then ran out and was asking my mother if she was ok. A couple was driving by in a car and they stopped to help her. She told the man to get away and get his dog out of there. She then grabbed Miya and applied pressure to he wound. The couple then decided that the gentleman would give my mom a ride back to our house and the woman was going to walk our dogs back for us. When my mom got home she came and got me and told me what had happened and that I need to find an animal emergency room right away. We called and we were able to find one down the street from our house and we headed right over. While we were there, my husband and my brother called 911 and animal control. 

Animal control and 911 both told us that there was nothing they could do because no human was injured. 

Miya underwent emergency surgery last night and it was successful. We now are left with the bill for both her surgery and her after care.

Please help. We cannot afford this on our own. Miya is a hero and she doesnt deserve to be put down because of the expenses. None of this money is going toward me or my family. It will all go to help my baby. I just want to get her the help he needs. Any extra funds will be put towards a charity to help abused animals. Any amount you can give will help. Thank you.

The funds are needed by the 3rd of March.
If anyone wants to send money directly to the vet this is the info
Ask to speak to Irene and ask to put it on the Koontz account