Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Delaware: After poodle was mauled to death by her pit bull, owner Valerie Taylor fought dangerous dog designation until she let it kill a 2nd dog

DELAWARE -- A Georgetown dog has [finally] been euthanized after [being allowed to attack and kill] two small dogs in five months and also faced allegations of aggressive behavior toward people and pets.

Moka, a pit bull owned by Edward Street residents Valerie Taylor and her son, Kevaughn Taylor, attacked and killed a neighbor's toy poodle mix on Jan. 12, prompting Valerie Taylor to give up her fight to keep the dog.

After the case fell apart and Valerie Taylor's
pit bull returned to her, it was seen running
loose again - before killing a 2nd dog

In fall 2016, Moka was at the center of a state Office of Animal Welfare investigation, after she attacked and killed a toy poodle owned by the same neighbors.

Because Taylor voluntarily euthanized Moka following the recent attack, no dangerous dog hearing was necessary, said OAW spokeswoman Andrea Wojcik.

After Valerie Taylor's pit bull attacked and killed their
poodle, the family got this puppy mend their broken hearts

State animal-control officers initially pursued two dangerous dog hearings against Moka in 2016 to determine whether the dog was too dangerous to remain in the community.

The first hearing, prompted after the first killing, was dismissed by a judge because officers failed to file necessary paperwork within the legally required 72 hours.

The pit bull on the right was allowed
to maul and kill two dogs in 5 months

The second hearing, filed after Moka allegedly charged at and cornered a neighbor on a nearby property, was withdrawn “to preserve evidence for future filings,” a department spokesperson said at the time.


Valerie Taylor could not be reached for comment. The Taylors own a second pit bull named D.C., which neighbors said has been seen running at large on several occasions.

“This has gone on since August 2015, and I think everyone should be aware how this ended – with another little dog getting killed,” said neighbor April Cleveland.

Valerie Taylor with her 2nd pit bull, which
neighbors say is also a problem.

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(Cape Gazette - February 8, 2017)


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