Thursday, February 2, 2017

Georgia: "My daughters dog was attacked by a pit bull Sunday & they are at the vets now"

GEORGIA -- Lavean Bradshaw posted on Facebook January 31, 2017

Need help with prayers for one of my grand dogs.... My daughters dog was attacked by a pit bull Sunday & they are at the vets now

Trish DeBardelaben Valentine - Sending prayers.

Tia Kienzler Fricks - It happened yesterday and just now at the vets???... how bad is it?

Lavean Bradshaw - Just few puncture wounds , but they couldn't afford to take her to the emergency room....They called & asked bout how much would cost & was told between $500---$600 maybe more :(

Tia Kienzler Fricks - dayamn

Lavean Bradshaw - Yea that's what I said

Lavean Bradshaw - Bout 5 years ago my dachshund got bit by a cow ant & within 30 min her paw swelled to 4 times normal size....Took her to emergency room & cost us like $150 just for 1 shot & pain meds

Lavean Bradshaw - This is candy...Poor baby
Lavean Bradshaw - Her wounds are infected.....Waiting on Dr to come in room now
Lavean Bradshaw - Dr said the biter got her pretty good....Taking x-rays cuz she absolutely refuses to put any weight on it at all....Even just letting toes touch ground :(

Cindy Johnson - So sorry hope they can fix her

Lavean Bradshaw - Me too

LuAnn Davis Wood - prayers

Lavean Bradshaw - Xrays came back fine. She got pain meds, antiinflammatory, and antibiotics. If it doesn't start getting any better after a few days, then bring her back.

Gayla Phillips Ahlquist - Poor baby

Lavean Bradshaw - Did you see the pics...:(

Gayla Phillips Ahlquist - Yes ??

Lavean Bradshaw - She don't want to report it but I dam sure would

Lavean Bradshaw - I would make sure they reimburse for vet bill

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