Saturday, February 4, 2017

Indiana: Jessica Brandenburg, 20, abandoned her tethered dogs to die. One was already dead, starved to death, by the time authorities rescued the 2nd dogs. For this horrific crime, Randolph County gives her just one-year of probation

INDIANA -- A Randolph County woman has received a suspended sentence after being convicted of cruelty to an animal.

Jessica Brandenburg, 20, now of Union City, pleaded guilty to the Class A misdemeanor Friday in Randolph Superior Court.


Brandenburg and a co-defendant – William Brandenburg, 27, now of Bryant – were charged last February after authorities found two abandoned dogs – one malnourished and the other dead – chained outside a Winchester mobile home where the couple had lived.

A Randolph County sheriff’s deputy reported the surviving animal was found secured with a “cable lead line,” and had no access to food or water.

The other dog was found dead “under a makeshift shelter,” and had also been secured with a wire lead, the deputy wrote.

William Brandenburg is set to stand trial on an identical charge March 3, also in Randolph Superior Court. He is also set to stand trial that day on two pending domestic battery charges.

(The Star Press - Feb. 4, 2017)