Saturday, February 18, 2017

Michigan: Dog attacked and nearly killed by neighbor's Rottweiler in Wayne

MICHIGAN -- A dog is attacked while walking in his front yard in Wayne on Tuesday.

Donna Taylor told 7 Action News she was walking her dog Sammy, when she heard the neighbor’s dog getting upset.

"Sammy was out sniffing around and the Rottweiler that lived next door was very agitated and jumping at the fence and barking and everything,” said Taylor.

The neighbor’s dog was able to break through a weak spot in the fence and charged at Sammy.

"He grabbed Sammy around the neck and that's when he bit me and just kept shaking him like a rag,” said Taylor.

She thought Sammy was dead, but she rushed him to her vet, where they stabilized him and sent him to an emergency vet.

"They called him the miracle dog, she said he was little fighter and it could have been so much worse,” said Taylor.

The neighbor’s dog is a first time offender when it comes to biting. He has no history.

"My husband called police and an animal control warden came over and seized the dog,” said Taylor.

Which means, even though he is in quarantine now for a few days, he’s expected home soon.

Her neighbor has agreed to help with some of the cost, but the bills are expensive.

"They have said they will help, but the cost is at $4,500.00 right now, just for that one veterinary hospital then I have my other vet, the cost is growing,” said Taylor.

She said she is just happy to have her dog home.

"He's a little rescue, I got him when he was a year old and he's about 9-years-old now. He's my baby,” said Taylor.


If you’d like to help with Sammy’s veterinary bills, you can go to this GoFundMe page:

Sammy the Survivor
Created February 16, 2017 by Dan Taylor on behalf of Donna Taylor

On Monday, February 13, my mother was taking Sammy (one of their miniature Schnauzers) for a walk in her front yard.  Their next door neighbor has a Rottweiler that was only secured in their backyard by a piece off wood between a fence post and the the garage.  My mother heard the noise of the wood board come crashing to the ground and the full grown Rottweiler charging her and the dog.

As my mother was trying to grab Sammy off of the ground, the Rottweiler grabbed Sammy by the neck, biting my mother in the process.  My mother, who will turn 70 in a week, stood there helpless as the Rottweiler mauled Sammy, shaking him violently by his neck.  The Rottweiler decided to stop when it felt satisfied it had killed Sammy as he went limp.  

My mother picked up her now blood soaked dog, rushed him into her house trying to figure out if Sammy was still alive.  It was only when she laid him on her kitchen table that she discovered he was still hanging onto life.

Sammy was rushed to Nichols Vetrinary Clinic in Wayne where he was triaged to see the extent of the injury.  The clinic discovered that Sammy had had his trachea punctured and was blowing air out of his neck.  Nichols patched him up, gave him morphine and sent my mother to the Blue Pearl Animal Emergency hospital in Southfield.  Blue Pearl had been notified of Sammy's condition and was ready for him as soon as they arrived.

The hospital did an amazing job with  Sammy.  After a two day stay, his trachea repaired through surgery, Sammy was able to go home.  He was begging for pizza that night!

The hospital bill was extensive, over $4500. My parents had to clean out their bank accounts to save his life because the owner of another dog failed to properly secure their yard.  The timeline is unknown for what will happen to the owner and what their responsibility will be.  In the meantime, my parents ability to support themselves have been affected.  If you have met my parents, you know they love their animals, especially their Schnauzers.  They have rescued and owned this breed almost my entire life (41 years).  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have other questions or would like to see other pictures of the wound or of Sammy begging for pizza!

Dan Taylor

After speaking to attorneys, we have discovered that the neighbors dog that attacked Sammy are renting their home and do not carry renters insurance.

Unless a judge makes it part of the settlement for the dog bite, the owners will walk away free and clear of any responsibility except for a ticket!

(WXYZ - Feb 16, 2017)

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