Sunday, February 12, 2017

Netherlands: Hero fire crews bring lifeless cat named Sammy out of burning building and revive him with oxygen

NETHERLANDS -- Footage of firefighters battling to save a cat that was rescued from a burning building has been released for the first time.

Sammy, a ginger cat, was rescued by fire crews after a blaze broke out Delfshaven neighborhood of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The video, which was captured on the bodycam of a firefighter, show the teams trying to revive Sammy with oxygen after he was unconscious.

It shows a mask being placed on the cat as firefighters gently push its chest.

The cat then regains consciousness and is given water to clear its airways.

As he makes the first 'meow', a firefighter is heard saying: 'Yes, that's good, talk nicely. Here you are, a little water.'

A total of 15 flats had to be evacuated in the fire, which happened last year.

Stan Loemers, Sammy's owner, lost all his possessions in the fire but said his cat was the only thing he cared about. 

Mr Loemers said: 'Even if my house may have burned down three times, this animal means the world to me. Sammy is a bit old and a little chubby which is the likely reason as to why he did not dare to escape on his own.'

Sammy was taken to the vets for observation but was allowed to leave after a few days.

No one died in the blaze thanks to the firemen's quick action.

(Daily Mail - Feb 6, 2017)