Sunday, February 5, 2017

Nevada: Former Boulder City animal control supervisor Mary Jo Frazier was facing up to 8 YEARS in prison. Instead, she gets 16 months probation

NEVADA -- The former Boulder City animal control supervisor who pleaded guilty in an animal cruelty case was sentenced Tuesday.

A judge sentenced Mary Jo Frazier to 90 days in the Clark County Detention Center and she was given a 16 to 40 month suspended sentence.

Frazier struck a deal and pleaded guilty to one count of cruelty to animals in October. Her plea deal acknowledged only that she improperly euthanized her own dog, rather than give it to her husband during a divorce.

Frazier previously pleaded not guilty in March to two felony animal cruelty charges that could have put her in prison for up to eight years.

"I never ever meant to inflict any pain or anguish on my little dog." said Frazier.

Frazier stood in court sorry for what she did. She said she believed euthanizing her dog was the right decision at the time.

However the prosecution argues that she showed little remorse, but her attorneys argued that she has taken full responsibility.

"This isn't Michael Vick with dog fighting," said defense attorneys. "This isn't cock fighting. This is a case where somebody had to make a terrible choice whether or not their dog could be successfully adopted or whether or not that would cause unjustifiable pain and torture."

Frazier retired and moved to Oregon after a police investigation revealed more than 90 animals were euthanized within a year without the required five-day waiting period and veterinary exam.

Bill Conger, the police chief who REFUSED to seek charges against Frazier resigned after Boulder City officials asked the district attorney to prosecute Frazier.

Bill Conger

(Fox5Vegas - Jan 31, 2017)