Friday, February 17, 2017

Oregon: George Bainbridge, 54, charged with animal cruelty after shooting his neighbor's pet pig and then leaving him to suffer and die

OREGON -- Deputies arrested a man for animal abuse after he killed his neighbors rescue pig in St. Helens Monday morning.

Columbia County Sheriff's Office said George Bainbridge, 54, was arrested two days after he shot his neighbor's rescue pig with two arrows. The pig later died.

Bainbridge told FOX 12 on Tuesday the 900-pound pig named "DJ" got onto his property and when he saw the pig he feared for his safety and shot it with two arrows.


However, he never told the owner that the pig tried to attack him. Instead what he told her was that it had "dug up" his backyard:
“I come home and he says, ‘Well your pigs dug up my backyard again,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh no, which one?’ and he’s like, ‘It’s the one with two arrows in it,’” Fudge-Snow said.
Michelle Fudge-Snow, DJ's owner, said she found the pig badly wounded - FIVE HOURS AFTER BEING SHOT - but still alive on her property. She said he lived for a few hours, but there was nothing the veterinarian could do.


Fudge-Snow says Bainbridge has a history of erratic behavior toward her and her family and has killed other animals from her rescue farm in the past.

“I think he has a strong dislike for me. I think he’s a psychopath. I think with everything he’s done to us this is normal,” Fudge-Snow said. “I don’t think he’s all there.”

Bainbridge used the "it tried to attack me" defense saying, “The thing scared the [expletive] out of me. I stand in my backyard and I shoot archery as a hobby and there it was, okay, about 40 feet from me, and I shot it. That’s why. People get eaten by hogs, okay? I know a 74-year-old farmer that got eaten by his beloved hogs, okay?”

On Wednesday, deputies obtained a search warrant for Bainbridge's home in the 61300 Robinette Road. Deputies seized evidence connected in the case and interviewed Bainbridge.

Bainbridge was later arrested and has been charged with two counts of animal abuse in the first degree and one count of criminal mischief in the second degree. He was taken to the Columbia County Jail on $36,250 bail.

Arrest Information
Full Name: George Elvin Bainbridge
Gender: Male
Height: 6'00"
Weight: 225 lbs
Hair Color: BRO
Eye Color: BRO
Arresting Agency: Columbia County
Total Bond: $31,698



A petition titled "Justice for D.J." got more than 7,000 signatures asking prosecutors to charge George Bainbridge with animal cruelty.  

I am writing this to urge all of you to take a moment of your time to call the Saint Helens, Oregon Police department at 503-366-4611 and demand they take action against George Bainbridge for one of the most senseless acts of animal cruelty I have ever heard of.

He lives next door to the Baxter Potbelly Pig and Farm Animal rescue on Robinette Road and for months has been tearing down the fence between the properties trying to entice an animal onto his property and threatening to shoot it while patrolling the fence line with his compound bow. Today he succeeded.

He coaxed D.J. a wouldn't hurt a fly farm pig to cross the property line and then shot him in the neck.

As D.J. ran for his life, Mr. Bainbridge, as he proudly told animal control, "I chased him down and shot him again figuring I could use the meat." 

He then shot D.J. a second time after he re-crossed the property line running for his shelter. D.J. passed from his wounds after surgery to try to save him.

Mr. Bainbridge is a two time convicted felon who the local authorities have taken a "Well that's just George" point of view on.

I pray you inundate the police with calls until they are forced to take action. Do not let the murder of D.J. go unnoticed or unpunished....

(KPTV - Feb 16, 2017)


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