Saturday, February 4, 2017

West Virginia: Tracy Carr, 26, accused of throwing a puppy out of moving vehicle

WEST VIRGINIA --  A West Virginia woman is charged with animal cruelty after her sister said the woman tossed a puppy from a moving car near Spartanburg.

A sheriff's department report said 26-year-old Tracy Nicole Carr of Charleston, West Virginia, was charged with mistreatment of animals Sunday after her sister said a puppy was missing as she and her brother drove Carr home.

The woman said she asked Carr to keep the dog from climbing into the front seat. The woman said heard a thud after the window rolled down.

Carr told deputies the window "accidentally" rolled down and at the same time it "accidentally" rolled down, the puppy took a flying leap and "jumped" out the open window. She told deputies she hoped the puppy had died instantly.


Paula Church, with Greenville County Animal Care, said the puppy, now named Alyce, has a broken leg and cuts from the fall.

"After assessing her condition and securing her injury, our shelter vet sent her to another local vet where she is in surgery to help mend her leg, which was broken very close to her shoulder" Church said Tuesday afternoon. "They will continue to collaborate to make sure that Alyce receives the best care she can get."

It was not known if Carr has an attorney.


(WVVA - Jan 17, 2017)

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