Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sweden: Man attacked by Rottweiler, whose owner fled before police arrived

Note: This was translated to English.

SWEDEN -- Ahmed Abdul Aziz stood at the train station in Eslöv when a Rottweiler bit him bloody. The aggressive dog bit hold of his arm and would not let go. The dog owner should have stood by and just watched.

I tried to take hold of the dog's neck so that it would not break my arm, said Ahmed Abdul Aziz.

23-year-old does not believe that the dog owner bussed dog on him. He seemed rather afraid of his own dog and to have fled from the scene.

There was a young guy. He just stood there, like terrified.

Train passenger kicked the dog
After a while, a man came running from the station and kicked the Rottweiler. When police arrived at the scene, after 45 minutes, the dog had run away and the owner left the place.

- Many people who waited for the train picked napkins and laid on my arm. They asked me to lie down. Several called police and ambulance. Finally I got to thank and say they would not miss the train.

It was in mid-February as Ahmed Abdul Aziz was attacked in broad daylight when he would take the train home to Malmo after visiting a friend in Eslöv.

According Eslöv police must Ahmed Abdul Aziz have tried patting the dog. "He is aware that he did wrong," reads the police report. "Perpetrator and the dog disappeared," it says further.

Does he deserve to be bloody piece for trying to pet the dog?

- The dog owner is responsible for the dog, but the report is made the victim aware that he had done wrong, said local police chief Anders Karlsson.

Ahmed Abdul Aziz disagrees. He has filed a police report the incident.

- If the dog bite, the well have been muzzled? I did not even pet the dog before it jumped up and bit me, he says. I find it strange that the police have not even tried to talk to the dog owner.

( - Feb 20, 2017)