Saturday, February 18, 2017

United Kingdom: Mandy Evans allowed to keep pets despite her Pit bull attacking another dog

UNITED KINGDOM -- Dog owner Mandy Evans had been allowed to continue to keep pets - despite her Pit bull attacking another dog.

The 42-year-old was already the subject of a court order instructing her to keep the pet under proper control following a previous incident.

But on November 16 the Pit bull escaped from her home and bit a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was being walked by its owner.

Evans – who has two other dogs – admitted failing to comply with the order, but magistrates at North Staffordshire Justice Centre decided not to restrict her pet ownership.

The court heard the Pit bull was destroyed after the incident, which happened near Evans's home in Duke Street, Biddulph.

Prosecutor Steve Knowles said: "The owner of a Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier was walking his dog along Duke Street when he saw a Pit bull dog, with no owner present, was out of control.

"It bit his dog on the leg area, causing significant injury.

"The Pitbull had no muzzle and was growling. The owner said the incident lasted 20 or 30 seconds."

The court heard a boy then appeared and took control of the dog, and apologised to the owner of the injured dog.

Mr Knowles said: "Miss Evans then appeared from her house, she was apologising. She said she didn't realise the dog had got out."

The court heard the Staffie had nine puncture wounds to its thigh and stomach.

Evans handed her dog over to be destroyed and made full admissions to the police. She pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a court order made in December 2015, ordering her to keep her dog under proper control. Details of why the order was imposed were not given in court.

Last September, single mum Evans told The Sentinel how she was left stunned after being hit with a £2,000 court bill for failing to clean up dog mess from her own garden.

She was prosecuted by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council after a neighbour complained about the smell coming from her property.

Rebecca Connell, representing Evans, said her client also owned a Rottweiler and a miniature Jack Russell.

"Miss Evans had owned the Pit bull for four years with no previous issues" she said. "At the time it was kept locked up in the house.

"On this occasion Miss Evans's daughter had opened the door and it go out. It was very much an isolated incident.

"She feels very strongly that dogs should be kept under control."

The court heard the Staffordshire Bull Terrier's vet bills were being paid via an insurance policy held by Evans.

Magistrates fined her £120, and ordered her to pay £135 court costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

The bench decided they were not going to restrict her from keeping dogs because she had been a responsible owner in the past and had 'shown responsibility about paying for the other dog's injuries.'

(Stoke Sentinel - Feb 18, 2017)