Saturday, February 4, 2017

Virginia: "Bring on the abuse," says newspaper staff after people complained because they identified attacking dogs as pit bulls

VIRGINIA -- Every time there is a news report of a dog attack that identifies breed, owners of that breed immediately email, write and call the newspaper to complain.

We anticipate your complaints and will be happy to publish them.

This week we are publishing an article about a woman and her son who were attacked by two Pit Bulls. The woman is in critical condition. The reason the dogs were identified as Pit Bulls is because they are Pit Bulls.

Had she been attacked by a swarm of Chihuahuas that is what we would have reported but in this case Pit Bulls were the culprits.

We often run news articles with headlines that state something like “57-year-old Keysville woman charged with assault.” This is not because we are attempting to denigrate 57-year-olds, women or Keysville.  These are the facts.

It doesn’t matter that dozens of other 57-year-old Keysville women didn’t do anything. We are not writing about them.

I am personally a big fan of Labradors and Golden Retrievers. However, nothing I can do or say negates the fact that according to statistics Labs have killed three people in the past thirty years. Goldens are responsible for 11 attacks and three deaths.  These are facts. So far my Labs and Goldens are responsible for no human attacks but will attack a chicken in a heartbeat.  But we are not writing about my dogs.

Unless your Pit was one of the ones involved in the recent attack, our article wasn’t about YOUR dog.  The fact that your Pit is wonderful (and I know several wonderful Pits) doesn’t change anything.

Our article reported what happened.


"Woman Hospitalized After Dog Attack"
VIRGINIA -- On Saturday afternoon between 4 and 5 o’clock Michelle Thomas and her seven-year-old son were picking up trash on Trottinridge Road for her son’s scouting project when they were attacked by two pit bull dogs.
Thomas told her son to run home when the dogs attacked her and he ran home for help.  She was med-flighted to Richmond where she is being treated for multiple injuries to her face, arms and legs.

According to a “Go Fund Me” page Michelle Thomas was already blind in one eye and had a recent hip replacement.  The page reports over 200 stiches to Thomas’ face as well as numerous bites and fractures.

Doug Blanton, Animal Control officer for Mecklenburg County, reports the dogs are in custody and that he and the Commonwealth’s Attorney are “going to decide which charges to bring forth for the dogs.”

Blanton also confirmed that in September two women were hospitalized following a pit bull attack in a Bracey convenience store parking lot.  That dog was on a leash being held by a thirteen-year-old who was traveling to North Carolina with his mother.  The teen’s mother was talking with another customer in the parking lot who was attacked when she turned to leave. She was knocked down and bitten on the arm. As the dog owner attempted to open the dog’s mouth she also received multiple bites to her hands and lost part of one finger.

On November 7 two pit bulls killed Bigfoot, a pet hound belonging to Lucy White of Wright Lane near Keysville.  A neighbor who witnessed the attack said the two dogs were attacking Bigfoot about 15 feet from her steps. She said she went outside and shouted. 

“The male turned toward me and started coming at me.  I went back inside and called for help.  While this was happening Bigfoot ran off and was followed by the pits. It’s just not right. I live in fear of letting my kids outside, of going to my vehicle or letting my dogs out. No one should live in fear on their own property.”

Animal Control was called but could not locate the dogs. Bigfoot was found fatally injured down the road. He was taken to the vet who had to put him down.  Not only did they lose a family pet they incurred a $309.63 vet bill.

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