Sunday, February 5, 2017

Washington: Police identify man - Vatentin Patricio - who threw newborn Chihuahua puppies into dumpster to die

WASHINGTON -- Pasco police now share the name and photo of the man who dumped three newborn Chihuahuas in a car wash trash bin about a week ago.

The animal shelter and police used surveillance video to identify the man as 33 year old Vatentin Patricio from Kennewick.

Officers tell Action News they've cited him with three counts of animal cruelty.

The shelter also says they're going to request the prosecutors to up the charges to a felony.

Officials haven't set a court date yet but police say the man isn't in custody.

The shelter says the suspect had to bring the mom and the one other puppy they still had.

The two will be held at the animal shelter until his court case.

(KEPRTV - Feb 4, 2017)