Saturday, February 4, 2017

West Virginia: The state supreme court ruled this dog needed to be euthanized. Yet another delay b/c the humane society will not stop their demands to save a vicious dog and send it to your neighborhood

WEST VIRGINIA -- The order to euthanize Jasper (the dog) is now on hold pending a hearing in Raleigh County Circuit Court.

As many of you know, Jasper, a whippet mix, bit two children several years ago. His case has wound through the courts, including the Supreme Court Of West Virginia.  On Wednesday, Gov. Jim Justice responded to appeals for a pardon with a news release stating “it is not possible for the governor to intervene.”

Late Friday afternoon, Raleigh County Circuit Court Judge H.L. Kirkpatrick issued an order that indicated the dog's owner, from the beginning, hadn't been aware of her right to an appeal.

The Humane Society of Raleigh County is relieved.

In issuing a stay, Judge Kirkpatrick’s order points out that, in the 2-1/2 years Jasper has been in the care of the humane society, he has exhibited no aggressive behavior toward either staff or visitors. He says Jasper's fate will be determined at a hearing at a later date.

Um, yeah, judge... it's like saying a convicted rapist and serial killer has been a good boy while in prison. 

"Well, it's almost like we couldn't believe it,” said HSRC Treasurer Teresa Hicks. “We were actually just minutes away from actually having to euthanize Jasper by the court order, and we were going to follow that order. And this was a very, very welcome fax to come to us."

However the family of two children bit by Jasper are extremely disappointed with the new court order. Their attorney, Gerald Hayden, released the following statement:

The childrens' family is a extremely disappointed in the most recent developments regarding the animal named Jasper.  The State Supreme Court unanimously upheld rulings that the dog is a danger to society and ordered it to be euthanized.  The order has been delayed in part because of a social media campaign by animal advocates (no call them what they are -- animal rights zealots) making the dog the victim and the children to be the ones responsible.  

This shameful campaign is littered with misleading information about the character of two small children.  The two little girls will continue to be subjects of scrutiny and potential backlash as long as the case lingers.

The family prays for an expedited execution of the Supreme Court's order and to put the children first over the rights of a dog that has been adjudicated as a dangerous animal," said Gerald Hayden, attorney for the victim's family.

(WVVA - Feb 3, 2017)