Saturday, March 4, 2017

Florida: "My blond Chihuahua, Bibi, was attacked by my pit bull, Annie"

FLORIDA -- Kevin M Schwartz posted on Facebook on March 3, 2017

My blond Chihuahua, Bibi, was attacked by my pit bull, Annie. She bit deeply into Bibi's lower abdomen on the left side tearing muscle tissue and severing the femoral artery and vein.

Bibi was so badly savaged that muscle tissue and ligaments were torn down the inside and the outside of her left leg.

Two surgeries and a follow up visit yesterday to flush the wounds around the drains. Trying to save her leg which is getting better. After debridment surgery, which cut the only viable vein, Bibi leg was cold and edematous.

Some manual lymphatic drainage techniques and acupuncture techniques I learned long ago have helped the leg to get warm and stay warm, as much smaller veins and arteries enlarge to save the leg. The outside of the leg has many deep puncture wounds that have responded to a homeopathic arnica gel.

Please pray for this sweet dog. God is listening to my prayers, and Bibi is surrounded by love and healing.

Tom Dorsey  - Hope she gets better soon! I had a similar situation about 10 years ago when my male chihuahua tried to take on my pit. They both have gone now, but it was not good!

Maxine Pedro  - oh no lots of prayers

Paula Bunch-Salazar  - Sorry but I hope you put your pit down before it kills her.

Paul Jane Jenkins  - Praying for Bibi!

Anna Moody O'Banion  - God Bless Bibi,,, when I say my rosary tonight , the Sorrowful mysteries,,,I will say it for her. I love animals, and Our Blessed Mother Mary answers us, and talks with her son, at the Cross when Jesus died, he looked at his mother and said "Mother this is your Son" then he said To the disciple beside her and said " this is your mother", this is the season of Lent, I offer my prayers up for your sweet little Bibi, and also for your family and your other sweet baby Annie.
God Bless you Kevin!

Ernie Parrish I'm not a religious person Kevin but I love my pets and my heart hurts for you and bibi! I hope everything works out for you and your beloved pet!

Andrea Bobbi Alligood - Praying

Donna Delameter-Lindahl - Prayers for Bibi.

Tania Henson - Yes my lovely cat was killed by a pitbull mix. Sorry to hear this