Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Georgia: Man sitting on his porch minding his own business attacked by his neighbor's two pit bulls

GEORGIA -- A Sequoia Circle man called police March 2 when his neighbor’s pit bulls came over and bit him.

“(The victim) stated he came outside to sit on his front porch and drink a beer,” the report said. “He stated the neighbor’s two dogs came from around the sides of his residence. He stated the black pit bull came around from one side of his house and the brown pit bull came from the other side.

"(He) stated the black pit bull tried to bite his leg. The dog bit at him, tearing his left sock. He stated the brown pit bull then tried to bite his left hand. He stated both dogs just grazed his skin with their teeth.

"He stated when the dogs tried to bite him he swung the beer bottle at the dogs to keep them back. He rang the doorbell and waited for his wife to open the door. He stated he went inside and the dogs stayed on his front porch for several minutes before leaving. He stated he then called 911.”

The man told police his wife went outside and spoke to the dogs’ owner, who left when she learned the police had been called. The officer had no luck finding her, but citations are pending, the report said.

(Coastal Courier - March 8, 2017)

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