Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kentucky: Former Nicholasville mayor grieves loss of dog to pit bull attack

KENTUCKY -- A former Nicholasville mayor is grieving the loss of his dog after he says a pit bull attacked his collie off Cherrybrook Drive Thursday afternoon.

Animal control officials are still looking for the owner and dog involved.

"I didn't see it cause I was looking down at Chelsea," said former Nicholasville Mayor John Martin.

Martin says an unleashed pit bull attacked his border collie, Chelsea, as they started their afternoon stroll.

"[The pit bull was] tearing at Chelsea's stomach. We just got her to the vet as fast as we could," said Martin.

Chelsea wouldn't make it.

The Martin family spent Friday remembering their dog, who joined the family at a special time.

"We got her right after our house became an empty nest. So it will be 14 years in June," said Martin.

Empty-nesters once again, the Martins are distraught at the incident. Not only at the vicious attack, but also at how the pit bull's owner allegedly responded.

Martin says someone quickly pulled up to the scene, scooped the pit bull up, and left with just a few words.

"'See what you've done now,' or something like that. 'You know you're going to be put down,'" Martin recalled.


When asked if the pit bull's owner offered to help his injured dog, or apologized before leaving the scene, Martin replied, "No. They just left."

Martin and his neighbor were bitten in various places while trying to tear the dogs apart. "It was a tough dog, you couldn't get it's jaw apart."

Without vaccination information from the pit bull's owner, they both face a string of rabies shots which are needed no later than 72 hours from the time of a bite.

Witnesses say they believe the pit bull's owner drove a gold sedan. Anyone with information is asked to call Jessamine County Animal Control at (859) 885-4836.


Former Nicholasville mayor attacked by pit bull
The Jessamine County Sheriff says animal control is investigating after the former Mayor of Nicholasville, John Martin, while walking his own dog, was attacked by a pit bull.

The Sheriff says it happened around 4:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon while Martin was walking along Cherry Brook Drive.  According to the Sheriff, the pit bull appeared from out of nowhere and attacked the former mayor and his dog.

Martin’s dog was killed in the attack.

Martin went to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The pit bull has not been found.

(WKYT - March 17, 2017)

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  1. Hate,hate,hate irresponsible owners. "Owning a 'Dangerously Out of Control Dog'" needs to be a felony on every state's books.