Friday, March 10, 2017

North Carolina: 40 animals found living in 'appalling' conditions. Sandy Fore and Robert Fore facing charges

NORTH CAROLINA -- Henderson County authorities are investigating after the discovery of dogs and cats living in what they describe as “absolutely horrific” conditions.

They were discovered Saturday at property on Maxwell Drive in Fletcher after authorities got a call from someone concerned about their welfare. The caller told authorities a family had moved and left the animals.


The owner of 28 mixed-breed dogs, four puppies and eight cats found on the property voluntarily surrendered them to the Henderson County Animal Shelter, said Maj. Frank Stout with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.

Two deceased animals were found.

The animals were discovered in two campers, an outbuilding and a home on the property, Stout said. Some were “running loose” and others were in cages.


The owner CLAIMED to authorities that 'someone' had been checking on the animals. But Stout said it did not appear they were getting proper care.

A number of the animals were living in "incredibly appalling conditions," according to officials. “It was absolutely horrific the conditions that those animals were living in,” Stout said.

So far, no charges have YET been filed against Sandy Jean Fore (aka Jeannie Fore, Jeannie Hughes), 56, or her husband Robert Bryan Fore (aka Bob Fore, Tommy Fore), 60.

“This is an ongoing investigation that the animal enforcement officers will be looking into over the next several days,” Stout said.

Sandy Fore and Robert Fore are the owners of the
animals they forced to live in squalor

The animals are getting veterinary care, and it appears they will recover.

Stout said animal welfare groups in the area are assisting the Henderson County Animal Shelter in caring for the animals.

“Some of them have got a long road to recovery, but appear to be in a position to make a full recovery with the right types of treatment,” Stout said.

(Citizen Times - March 6, 2017)

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