Tuesday, March 7, 2017

South Carolina: Cat that had been adopted out by a rescue is attacked by a pit bull

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Anna Iosa posted on Facebook March 6, 2017

FRIENDS/FAMILY!! I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!! I got a call today from 24hr Petwatch and a Kitty I adopted out a few years ago has been brought to Lakeside Animal Hospital in Moncks Corner as a STRAY that was ATTACKED by a Pit Bull!! The Woman who witnessed the attack rushed him to the Vet and left a small deposit towards his care. HE IS STILL THERE!! Bruised Lungs, Morphine Patch, X-rays were done, and a IV is in place. HE CAN BE RELEASED TOMORROW IF THE BILL IS PAID IN FULL!! Please help?? The Number to call directly is 843-761-4920, the address is 615 Main Street Ext, Moncks Corner, SC 29461 My PayPal is Scottica33@gmail.com I WILL POST PICTURES AND ALL RECEIPTS including the entire Bill listing everything that was done to him. I CANNOT TAKE HIM HOME IF IT ISNT PAID :( Please SHARE??!! Thank you <3 His name is Drako :(

Jennifer Beckett-Lynn - Who was original adopter? I would ask them for medical bills

Anna Iosa - Original Adopters are MIA! I called last year for update to check on Vetting and neither numbers were in service. Upon going to the address on his Adoption form, there were different people living there that didn't know the previous owners. Drako has been missing for awhile now but has been found!

Anna Iosa - Estimate given today by Dr. West was $400-$500 as of 5pm today but can be higher if any hiccups happen overnight so Prayers are needed. The PayPal is our Rescue account we use to pay any Vetting for our Animals.

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