Friday, March 10, 2017

Texas: Two puppies adopted by sheriff's deputies after they were found abandoned on the side of the road

TEXAS -- These puppies road tripped right into a forever home.

Two tiny pups had been dumped on the side of the road in Fort Bend County, Texas, and their future didn't look good until a deputy with the sheriff's office, Deputy D. Lytton, caught sight of them.

Lytton was driving down Williams Way Boulevard Monday morning, so early it was still dark out, when he spotted the black cuties.

'The puppies did not have collars and were alone,' the office posted on Facebook.

Lytton grabbed the adorable pups, which appear to be Labrador mixes, put them in the squad car, and then met up with his partner, Deputy M. Anciso.

It was obviously love at first sight because by the time the sun came up, the big-hearted deputies were the proud owners of two puppies.

It's unclear how the pooches got to the side of the road, but the county reportedly has a large problem with animals being abandoned.

Over a hundred commenters stopped by Facebook to praise the men.

'I can't help but think that these poor puppies were not wanted by their owners so they were probably dumped. I know this happens all the time! These are two lucky puppies that the right people came along to save them!' wrote Deborah Smit.

'We do have a big problem in the county with people discarding their pets,' Barbara Vass, Community Involvement Coordinator at the Fort Bend animal shelter told KTRK in October when ten puppies were abandoned on Padon Road.

There is an up to $500 fine, said Vass, for anyone caught abandoning an animal. The local animal shelter takes in about 5,000 strays per year.

The shelter says it tries to only euthanize animals who are very sick or have behavioral issues.

(Daily Mail - March 6, 2017)

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