Monday, April 10, 2017

Arkansas: Police shoot and kill dog that had already killed another dog and then tried to attack an animal control officer

ARKANSAS -- Blytheville police shot and killed a dog after they say it charged an animal control officer.

On Monday, officers were called to a home in the 100-block of West Rose concerning two dogs that had killed a neighbor’s dog.

The caller told police the dogs would not let him out of his house.

When officers arrived, they spotted a large gray dog and a large black dog on the porch. Beside them lay a dog that appeared deceased, police said.

While two officers distracted the dogs, the homeowner managed to get out of the house and into a vehicle.

An animal control officer attempted to use a chemical tranquilizer on the dogs, but was unsuccessful. She then used a catch pole to gain control of one of the dogs.

As she was taking the seized animal to her truck, the other dog “became agitated and charged” her, the report said.

One of the police officers then pulled their service weapon and shot the dog. It died a short time later from its wounds.

All three dogs were taken to animal control.

(KAIT8 - April 4, 2017)