Sunday, April 16, 2017

California: Marco Chavez Medina was convicted of Felony Animal Cruelty of which he spent nearly a year in prison and then was deported. Gov. Jerry Brown just pardoned him so he can come back to the US and abuse more animals.

CALIFORNIA -- Marco Antonio Chavez Medina grew up in Los Angeles after he illegally arrived to the US with his parents, who were also illegal aliens, in 1973. He was just 1 at the time.

Then-President Ronald Reagan issued blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens and his family won the jackpot -- green cards for everyone.

At 19, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and served for four years.

Two years after leaving the military, he tortured/abused some animal and was charged with FELONY aggravated animal cruelty.

All I can find is that it "involved a dog at a mechanic's shop" and that he was convicted of viciously beating it -- badly enough that he was charged - and convicted of felony animal cruelty.

In 1998, he was convicted for animal cruelty and served 10 months in prison. 

Nearly 20 years later, rarely does anyone ever serve time in jail for Animal Cruelty convictions. So whatever he did 19 years ago was so heinous that a jury found him guilty and a judge sentenced him to 2 years incarceration (of which he only served 10 months). This, despite I'm sure, his attorney's efforts at telling the judge and jury about how he was a soldier and had joined the military, even possibly using that as an excuse for the abuse on this animal.

An immigration judge considered his conviction an aggravated felony, which led to his deportation in 2002.

In an effort to stay together, his family first moved with him to Tijuana, Mexico. After a while, his wife continued struggling with the language barrier - she can't speak English - and the daily commute back to the US for work.

Chavez’ wife divorced him and moved with their three sons to Iowa, according to the website Honorably Discharged, Dishonorably Deported.

Chavez has been living in Tijuana and claims it's so horrible living in Mexico that he understands why people keep breaking the laws of the United States and illegally entering.

Maybe Chavez could've put his time in Mexico to good use -- all Mexican citizens can go to college, university, trade school for FREE. Millions of Americans travel to Tijuana every single year - there is a vibrant, productive economy there.

The people who run the website "Honorably Discharged, Dishonorably Deportedclearly doesn't consider animal cruelty to be important. No one spends 10 months in prison for animal cruelty unless it's really bad. He must've done something horrible. 

Oh yeah, and Gov. Jerry Brown is a cretin.

(Fox5 - April 16, 2017)