Friday, April 21, 2017

California: Woman's two pit bulls seriously maul man and his little Jack Russell named Josh

CALIFORNIA -- A man was airlifted to a Los Angeles hospital after two pit bulls attacked him and his Jack Russell terrier on Santa Catalina Island.

CBS Los Angeles reports the attack, which occurred Wednesday on the Avalon Pier, was caught on cellphone video by a tourist.

John Brady protected his little buddy Josh as long as he
could then hands him off to this guy, saving his life

In the video clip (at the bottom of this page), you can see John hand Josh off to someone, but the pit bull wearing the harness is still attached to his right arm so he can't get away. The pit bull owner is sitting there with a weak grip on the harness - not doing anything (how about you poke its eyeball out lady, throw the damn thing into the ocean?) while her 2nd pit bull has re-directed onto the pit bull in the harness and has a death grip on its face and is tugging. 

Thank God, it was so focused on the pit bull that it didn't grab John by the face while he was lying there trying to get his arm free.  Eventually, it looks like the pit bull owner shoves her fingers into the harnessed pit bull's mouth and it lets go of John and bystanders drag him away.

The pit bull owner, I will give her some credit for not releasing the harnessed pit bull and running away. Despite the weak grip she had on it, she still held on while people around trying to figure out what to do. An Avalon Harbor Patrol officer shows up and you can hear someone instructing him what to do. He gets behind the unharnessed pit bull and first grabs it by the tail [bad idea], but then grabs it by the hind legs and starts dragging it down the ramp.

Brady was injured so severely that he had to be airlifted to UCLA Harbor Medical Center.

The victim, John Brady of Huntington Beach, told CBS Los Angeles Thursday from his hospital bed that he had taken a boat trip out to Catalina with his dog, Josh.

He said the two were strolling on the pier when two 11-year-old pit bulls went after his dog.

When he attempted to protect Josh, the pit bulls came after him, ripping out a piece of his calf and biting both his arms, he said.

"All I did is lift my dog off the ground and I was being chewed on instantly," he recalled, his voice quavering. "I knew I was going to die. I was screaming for help, and everybody was just watching ... until the last second."


Brady, a fisherman, said at one point he pulled out a pocket knife and began stabbing the dogs to stop the attack.

A pier with all those fishing boats... and no one had a giant butcher knife or metal pipe or something to beat these dogs with??? This being California, we can be assured that, thanks to Jerry Brown, no one had a gun (except the criminals).

“They attacked my little dog, Josh,” Brady said. “Almost killed him, almost killed me.”

"It was so scary," he said, his eyes welling up with tears while recalling the horrific attack. "I was just face to the ground, and just being chewed on by ... I couldn't even call them dogs."

“My dog is alive, and I put my body over him because he’s my best friend in the world,” Brady said.

Brady received skin grafts on both legs, describing one leg and being nearly “chewed off.” He’ll need several more surgeries, he said.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the pit bulls are owned by a woman who lives on a boat in Avalon.

She agreed to have both of them euthanized, deputies said.

Brady told CBS2 he will have to undergo numerous surgeries.

Meanwhile, Josh underwent surgery Thursday for a gash under his leg. He is expected to make a full recovery.

There was no word on whether any charges would be filed in the case.  However, John Brady and his family have hired an attorney.

Good! This woman lives on a boat in Catalina -- SHE HAS MONEY!

GoFundMe link: "Emergency vet bills for my dads dog"
Created April 19, 2017 by Brooke Brady

Tuesday afternoon my father and his dog were attacked while walking back to the dock in Catalina island. 2 pit bulls not on a leash came after my dad's dog. My dad out of instinct tried protecting his dog. Emergency treatment was needed for his dog as well as himself.

 Please if there is anything that you can give to help it will be greatly appreciated! My dad is currently in the hospital and underwent surgery as well.

My family and I Thank you everyone who took the time to read this

Update 1
Update!! Josh (my dads dog) is being released from the vet in Catalina tomorrow and comes home. He still has a long journey ahead of healing and more vet visits to get better here at home.

We've reached our goal to pay the vet in Catalina, but still need to raise money for the bills we will have to pay here. Thank you everyone!!

Update 2
Thank you to every single person that has shared this post, donated and prayed for my family! Each and everyone of you hold a special place in my families heart!

My dad is still in the hospital but is in the process of being transferred to one closer to home and that will start the process of skin grafts. Josh goes in for his vet visit tomorrow since he's been home.

It's been a hectic and stressful time for my family and we couldn't be more blessed to have you all behind us ❤️❤️


Video Clip - You can hear Josh screaming

(CBS News - April 21, 2017)


  1. The owner of the 2 dogs should be arrested and jailed

  2. I agree. 99% of the time a dog attacks, its because of improper care, abuse, and training. People make pitbulls mean, keep them trapped in backyards without any interaction, train them to fight, guard and attack. They're powerful animals, so when they bite it makes news. But they're not naturally aggressive dogs, despite whatever mainstream media tries to tell you. The Chihuahua actually bites more than any other dog.. Pitbulls are some of the most loyal dogs I've ever seen..any dog can bite!