Monday, April 24, 2017

Canada: 24 dogs, 6 cats removed from accused BC puppy mill

CANADA -- Two dozen dogs and six cats were removed from a dog breeding facility near Lillooet over the weekend, the BC SPCA has confirmed.

The animals seized by BC SPCA officials were all suffering from severe neglect, the agency said Monday.

Eight of the dogs are Yorkie crosses, 15 are Havanese and Havanese-crosses and one is an emaciated Husky cross, the BC SPCA said.


"The dogs were kept in a filthy environment with high levels of ammonia from urine and have serious dental disease and badly matted fur," senior animal protection officer Kent Kokoska said.

"Some of the dogs were being kept in a chicken coop filled with chicken and dog feces, and one of the dogs and two puppies were being kept in a rodent cage."

The cats had severely matted fur and were also living in "filthy and hazardous conditions," the BC SPCA said. The area they lived in did not have proper ventilation or lighting.

And the weekend raid was not the first seizure at the remote property.


Constables seized 16 dogs and four cats earlier this month, and two cats were surrendered recently as part of the ongoing investigation. The BC SPCA said it may recommend charges of animal cruelty as a result.

All of the animals are being cared for at SPCA facilities in Kamloops and Kelowna.

(CTV News - April 24, 2017)