Friday, April 14, 2017

Canada: Couple's beloved Husky mauled to death by dogs. They bit her more than 40 times, knocked out her teeth, punctured her eyeball, and ripped out her anus, sphincter and rectum. Owner was also bitten trying to save his dog. Police refuse to do anything about it.

CANADA -- This page was started by a friend to help my dog Sadie through multiple complicated surgeries while in the ICU. She was attacked on the evening of March 19th by two loose dogs as was my boyfriend Travis while trying to defend her.

The photos below of her injuries are very graphic so please be warned. They will upset you and they are not appropriate to show to children.

Sadie had been bitten around 40 times and her anus and part of her rectum was ripped out, meaning any surgery would first have to stabilize her and save her from dying from the wounds to her body as well as trying to reconstruct parts of her lower digestive tract and due to the complications of this, the cost would have been $20,000. 


The doctors classified it as being experimental as they had never seen this amount of damage done to another dog and had no idea about her ability to survive or lead a good life after but were willing to make the attempt
to save her.

Furthermore the various bites on her body were beginning to go necrotic and all of the above was a considerable amount of pain and suffering with very little chance that she would even live through the surgeries.

We studied the odds and we laid with her as she cried to us, we listened, and then we made the excruciating decision to put our girl down. This one intense night in the ICU, one surgery, euthanasia and cremation costs have added up to over $4,000. 

This page has helped us meet this goal of covering the ICU charges, and we thank everyone for their support.

We were originally hoping to raise enough to save her but she was really suffering badly and we couldn't put her through that with the odds so slim of her surviving.

We thank everyone who has been so generous but still need help. We need Justice.

Here is her story.

Sadie is a Husky that I rescued as a 5 week old pup and has been my companion and best friend for 7 years. My family life has its own share of tragedy and Sadie was someone that gave me all of her love and support and has helped me deal with all of my own hard times. During this time in my small community, Sadie has taken on a bit of a role as the unofficial town mascot.

Travis is my boyfriend and was walking Sadie down our usual route all around town. Trav and Sadie came to an intersection where they would normally turn to come home, but they noticed two large dogs on the loose on their path: irresponsibly owned, male Bullmastiff/Rottweiler/Boxer mixes, not neutered, a lot bigger, and a lot more dangerous than my Sadie ever was. 

Trav decided to take an alternate route home to avoid the dogs and continued on a different trail. They walked about 300 meters and were directly in front of our local daycare when these dogs tracked them and came up in silence and attacked.

The two dogs latched their jaws onto my girl and thrashed her around like a rabbit and particularly focused on disemboweling her.

Trav fought as hard as he could to beat the dogs off of her while getting bitten many times in the process. Sadie almost got away at one point but the dogs caught her again and continued to rip her apart.

Trav continued to scream for help as he fought, he found a small window that the dogs had released their jaws, and he laid down on top of Sadie to shelter her from the attack.

“I've never felt more helpless in my entire life,” he said. “I’ve never been so scared in my life. I was more worried about Sadie than anything else. I didn't care that the dogs were biting me because I just wanted to save her.”


The dogs continued to circle Travis and Sadie, mauling his hands, arms and legs until a passerby (thankfully) heard their cries and came to help fight the dogs off of them.

Travis was taken to the hospital, he was in shock and had acquired over 30 punctures from the attack and severe bruising.

Sadie was taken to an emergency surgery veterinarian in Laval where she spent the night sedated and monitored in the ICU.

In the morning, surgery was performed to see the extent of the damage. She had acquired over 40 bites, her teeth were knocked out, her eye was punctured, and her anus, sphincter and rectum had been nearly entirely ripped out. 

We were told that even with the experimental reconstruction, that she would have severe fecal incontinence for the remainder of her life - if she even survived.


Now we are fighting the battle for justice, as the provincial police have stated to us many times that this is merely a civil matter and no charges could be made because of little evidence.

Little evidence?? The evidence is right there -- their dog's mauled and destroyed body. The evidence is right there -- in her owner's body. The evidence comes from the owner's sworn statement as to what happened. The evidence comes from the Good Samaritan who stopped - and saw the attack with their own eyes.

Do an investigation and submit the case file to the prosecutor's office. If they decline to prosecute, that's one thing -- but these cops aren't even bothering to do an investigation in order to submit the case to them!

When you tarnish one badge, you tarnish them all.

However, we now have proof of criminal neglect and would like to pursue justice for Sadie. We want the owner to be held criminally responsible for the monsters he owned. We want laws to be changed to prevent this from happening again to anyone else.


This is not the first time these dogs have gotten loose or harmed others, although, it is the first time anyone has reported it to the police until now.

Since telling Sadie's story, multiple other individuals have come forward to us with their statements of attacks from these dogs and we have been told they were paid restitution directly by the owner in exchange for not laying any complaints with the police.

This legal battle will likely be lengthy, expensive and painful. Travis is Australian and while in Canada his insurance will not cover psychological treatment for the trauma he has gone through being attacked by these dogs, trying to save my Sadie and seeing her die and suffer through this. Therapy costs us $100 per session.

We will be using these funds to heal, find justice and to bring awareness to this preventable problem. This could have been your dog, your partner, or your child and irresponsible ownership is a problem that we think needs to be addressed for the health and safety of our community, so that other people do not need to suffer like we have.

What they need to do is use the money to get a Better Call Saul attorney who will go after the owner of these killer dogs and sue him for everything he's got. Clearly he has money because he has paid off all the previous victims.

Thank you all for your help

GoFundMe link: Help Sadie and family find justice.
Created March 20, 2017
Debbie Lynn
  Saint-Andre-D'Argenteuil, QC