Saturday, April 15, 2017

Canada: Family reeling from dog attack, doesn't appear that the police are going to do anything about it

CANADA -- A dog attack has left a Cobourg family dog with a gash requiring 52 stitches.

Cobourg resident Nicole Powney said her dog Sam required surgery and 52 stitches after an attack in Cobourg on March 19. Powney’s 15-year-old son Tyr was walking Sam, a seven-year-old Australian shepherd mix, with his girlfriend and the family’s other nine-month old dog Blue, on University Avenue near Spring Street when the attack happened.

Both the dogs were on leashes, Tyr said. A dog suddenly ran out of a home on University Avenue and first attacked Blue, throwing the dog in the air, said Powney.

Tyr said his girlfriend started yelling for help to a man in the home. The dog then attacked Sam, he said. Tyr and his girlfriend tried to separate the two dogs, but couldn’t.

Finally, two men came out of the home and one stuck his finger in the behind of his dog. The technique didn’t work at first, said Tyr, but then the dog released Sam. Tyr said he was afraid and not sure what to do.

“I ran,” he said.

Later back at home, Powney wrapped Sam’s back. Blue had only a few minor scrapes. The next morning Powney’s husband took Sam to the vet. The deep puncture wounds meant the dog had to have surgery leaving the family with a vet bill over $1,500. Powney expected there will be more visits to the vet and the amount will rise if there are infections.

She said they talked to the dog owner who had promised to pay the bill.

Powney describes Sam as gentle and a “big suck of a dog.” Powney said her family has always had dogs and in her 23 years in the Cobourg area she has never seen this kind of attack. She is concerned.

“What if my 12-year-old son had been walking him,” she said.

Cobourg police confirm they did respond to a dog attack on March 19, but when they arrived both the dogs were gone.

Powney said her husband reported the attack to animal services.

Animal services manager Elizabeth McKinley said she cannot comment on individual cases. Dog attacks can be reported and they will investigate. If there is an infraction, a bylaw officer can issue a ticket.

The family started a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of the vet bill


Some of your article is wrong. I am the person who called and spoke to the police when this happened. The police I spoke to never went to the house where the attacking dog came from only took my statement.

The police have also know about the same house and the suspicious activity that has been going on since fall 2016 yet they continue to ignore the complaints throughout the neighbourhood

i'm just curious also if this article is correct: "She said they talked to the dog owner who had promised to pay the bill." So why is there a gofund me page? It's nice that it's been setup and all, and it's currently just over $300.

As a friend of the family there a few things I would like to clear up. Please no one take offence. The other dog owners said they would pay and the family has not seen anything from them. The family was told that it was the neighbor that call.

I am the neighbor that called, I posted the first comment. Around 8pm on April 13th that house was raided


Five Cobourg residents arrested in drug raid
Cobourg police seized about $2,000 in cocaine and other drugs during a raid that saw five Cobourg residents arrested.

At about 6:45 p.m. on April 13 members of Cobourg police executed a search warrant at a central residence in Cobourg.

As a result, five adults were arrested and charged with various drug-related offences, including possession of cocaine, oxycodone and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

Terry Beaton, 31; Meghan Angus, 34; Jeremiah Ainsworth, 27; Justin Best, 21; and Janet Mclachlan, 24 all stand accused.

Police say about $2,000 worth of controlled drugs was seized as well as a quantity of cash.

All arrested were held with pending court dates.

Anyone with more information is asked to contact Det. Sgt. Brent Allison at 905-372-6821 ext. 2234.

(northumberlandnews - Apr 13, 2017)