Thursday, April 13, 2017

Canada: Raccoon is rescued after getting its head stuck in sewer grate

CANADA -- A raccoon was found with its head lodged in a sewer grate in Canada.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Welland, Ontario, was contacted by a girl who spotted the raccoon's head poking out of the grate.


The furry creature was caught on camera by SPCA officials wiggling its tiny legs out of the square hole.  

When SPCA officials arrived at the scene, they found the adult animal distressed and struggling to escape.

The rescue footage shows SPCA officials attempting to free the unfortunate mammal by removing the grate with various tools, including a sledgehammer, Jaws of Life and crowbars.


'Finally, it was just through sheer force we were able to push his head back the other way,' John Greer with the Welland SPCA told InsideEdition.

The furry critter was taken to an animal hospital and released in a grassy field with no serious injuries.

Raccoons travel through sewer system tunnels, but it's unclear how the black-and-white creature got stuck.

'If nobody noticed him, he would have died of starvation,' said Greer. 'Sometimes they fight so much he could have turned a certain way and suffocated himself.'

(Daily Mail - April 3, 2017)