Friday, April 14, 2017

Tennessee: College football players Shalom Alvarez and Justin Akins are suspended and investigated for animal cruelty after uploading Snapchat video showing one of them abusing puppy

TENNESSEE -- Two Middle Tennessee football players have been suspended over a Snapchat video one recorded of the other slapping a puppy.

Shalom Alvarez, 20, and Justin Akins, 22, are facing animal cruelty charges in light of the footage which Akins posted online recently.

It showed Alvarez, a linebacker, gripping the tiny puppy by the back of the neck and repeatedly striking the pup across its face as it screamed in terror.

Akins, a defensive lineman, filmed him and shared it with fans on Snapchat along with the caption: '[expletive] said you don't pay rent.'

The pair later told coaches they were trying to discipline the animal for urinating indoors.

The video is no longer available in full but an eagle eyed fan recorded it on their own phone to hand over to authorities. WSMV obtained a copy of the fan's recording.

Middle Tennessee Coach Rick Stockstill said that the players told him they were trying to "house train" the dog.

'The players explained to me that the puppy urinated inside and they were simply spanking it as a form of discipline.

'They told me there was never any intent to harm the dog. This was an important teaching moment.

'I talked to them about other approaches that should have been considered in this situation.

'And I pointed out how disciplining a pet in such a manner could be misconstrued, especially with the impact of social media,' he said.

Hey, Rick Stockstill. Would you still be issuing such a moronic statement if the abused victim were a 2-year-old child screaming in pain and terror each and every time Alavarez hit him/her? 

You can hear the smacks on that puppy's tiny body by a full grown man who is much more muscular than most his age. 

Stop enabling and minimizing abuse, Rick Stockstill. Whether it's abuse of women, children or animals - IT'S NOT RIGHT!


Rutherford County Animal Control investigators said when they were trying to track Akins down for an interview at the College Grove apartments, they found he was evicted last May and not allowed there or at Aspen Heights for a shooting incident involving police.

Channel 4 also found Akins was arrested in January for resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.

Murfreesboro Police are investigating the pair for animal cruelty. No charges have yet been brought.

It is not clear which of the pair the dog belonged to. - A different article said the puppy didn't belong to either of these cretins.

Neither has spoken publicly since the video emerged.

9-second video clip of the abuse

(Daily Mail - April 13, 2017)

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