Thursday, April 20, 2017

Michigan: Court considers fate of Zachery Bradley and Amanda Bradley's Pit Bull, accused of killing Maltipoo

MICHIGAN -- A Livingston County magistrate will decide whether a dog accused of killing another dog will be destroyed.

Magistrate Jerry Sherwood was set to hear the case against Zackery Alton Bradley, whose pit bull mix, Mia, is accused of attacking a Maltipoo, which later died from its injuries, on Wednesday.


However, Sherwood adjourned the hearing to May 4 at the request of Bradley’s attorney who asked that an expert evaluate the dog to determine if it is a “dangerous dog.”

Ann Arbor attorney Michelle Radloff, whose practice focuses on animal welfare and dog law, said her client would not fight the euthanization of Mia if she is determined to be a dangerous dog.

The goal, Radloff said, is to resolve the case “with the least harm to everyone involved.”

Assistant Prosecutor Michael Taylor objected to the delay, saying the law is quite clear that any dog that attacks a person or another animal and causes death is a dangerous dog, and, as a result, the magistrate can order the animal’s destruction.

Zackery Alton Bradley faces arraignment in 53rd District Court on April 27 for three counts of having dogs stray and two counts of unlicensed dogs.

Taylor and Radoff agreed that there may be a question as to whether Mia is owned by Bradley or his wife, but Amanda Bradley (Amanda Hamilton) was not charged in a criminal complaint, according to court records as of Wednesday.

It doesn't matter. The vicious, killer dog is COMMUNITY PROPERTY.

Howell resident Veronica Evans told the Livingston Daily that she was walking her Shih Tzu, Peyton, and Maltipoo, Milo, around 10 a.m. on Feb. 25 in the area of West and Wetmore streets when three dogs “viciously attacked.”


Peyton's injuries required several surgeries, but he survived the attack. Milo died from his injuries at the Michigan State University veterinary clinic.

Evans identified the aggressive dogs as two pit bulls and a cane corso, which is a large Italian breed known as an Italian mastiff, that belong to the Bradley couple.


Zack Bradley and Amanda Hamilton Bradley chose to own not just one breed of dog known for being dangerous, but three. It was only a matter of time before something horrific happened.


(Livingston Daily - April 19, 2017)