Friday, April 14, 2017

Mississippi: Bluetick hound found with horrific injury from rope embedded in neck

MISSISSIPPI -- A dog was found in Jones County Tuesday night with a small rope embedded in its neck.

Heather Williams, Director of the Southern Cross Animal Rescue, said she got a call about the dog in distress hiding under a home.  An employee was able to go to the home and rescue the dog late Tuesday.


Williams said that is when they noticed the dog had the small, red rope tight around its neck.  The rope was so tight, it created an open wound which was infected.

"It was such a bad case of embedded rope, she was in distress, she couldn't breathe, her head and her ears were swollen," said Williams.  "It was a tiny skinny rope, never meant for a containment of an animal."

Williams said the two-year-old dog was rushed to the veterinarian Tuesday night.  On Wednesday, the dog was continuing to undergo medical treatment, something Williams said could go on for the next several weeks to months.

"With the rope, every time she pulled, it got tighter," said Williams.  "Thank god she got away somehow."

Williams said she sometimes sees situations like this when puppies are given collars and they grow out of them, but that doesn't seem to be the case with this two-year-old dog.


Williams said the dog could suffer long-term effects, like a damaged trachea, vocal chord problems or swallowing issues.

If you know anyone who could be responsible for this dog, or may be involved, please contact the Southern Cross Animal Rescue at (601) 433-5807.

(WDAM - April 5, 2017)