Friday, April 28, 2017

Mississippi: Owners facing animal cruelty charges after their little dog shot by an arrow and they refused to take him to a vet for emergency care

MISSISSIPPI -- A small terrier was rescued from abusive owners this week after it was believed to have been shot in the chest with a bow and arrow.

The dog, now named Jude, suffered a seven-inch long and four-inch wide laceration to its tiny body from the weapon.

Workers from the Southern Cross Animal Rescue who saved the dog said he'd been injured for more than 24 hours at the home in Laurel, Mississippi.

When they arrived on the scene, the owners said that the only action they were willing to take to put the dog out of its misery was to shoot it.

The group filed animal cruelty charges against the dog's owners on Thursday, after they admitted to knowing that the dog was injured but refused to get him help.

Jude was stitched up at the Parkside Animal Hospital, where his medical bills have already amounted to over $1,000.

A PayPal account has been established to help the Animal Rescue team fund his rehabilitation.

Jude is expected to make a full recovery, but unfortunately the horrific experience has left him emotionally damaged.

The Animal Rescue team said in a Facebook post that Jude is frightened by people.

'Unfortunately, his physical wounds will probably heal faster than the emotional wounds,'  they said.

'He's very scared and unsure of people. We can only imagine how he must have been treated to be so fearful.'

Donations in support of Jude can also be mailed to PO BOX 2007 Laurel, MS 39442.

(Daily Mail - April 28, 2017)

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