Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Jersey: Lakewood boy hospitalized after being attacked by pit bulls

NEW JERSEY -- A young Lakewood boy was hospitalized after being attacked by pit bulls, the victim’s father confirmed to TLS.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon in the Chestnut Street area.

The father relayed the following horrifying incident to TLS


“Today started out like any other pre Pesach day. Cleaning, shopping, cooking etc. little did we know how the day would end – with my son in the hospital.

At about 5 pm, my 12 year old son was outside in front of a neighbors’ house. He took a moment to rest, when he was suddenly set upon and attacked by three adult pit bulls!

He was able to make it home stumbling and falling, with the dogs at his heels. He received multiple bite marks and lacerations, on 5 different areas on his body!


Lakewood PD was called, and was quickly able to cajole one of the dogs into a squad car. The other two dogs were wandering the block for quite some time and were finally able to be captured some 3 hours later. It took the efforts of both Lakewood animal control as well as Monmouth County animal control to capture them. In fact, the Lakewood animal control person was also bitten in the process!”

The dogs had not tags/collars, so we could not ascertain if they had been properly immunized. As such, we were advised to seek medical attention. At the ER, we were told that the proper protocol was to vaccinate against rabies. Just in case. My son was examined, X-rayed, and received rabies shots! He now has to come back to the hospital on three more occasions for follow up shots.


Where did these pit bulls come from?

No one knows seems to know for certain.

But clearly these are dangerous dogs. That don’t belong in a residential neighborhood. The fact that they have no tags makes me wonder if perhaps they normally guard some local drug house.

Who knows?

I’m just thankful this wasn’t worse. But it’s time for all you absentee landlords to wake up! Realize that some of the people you are renting to are making our life miserable! Look into whom you are renting to! Do research!

Today it was my son. Tomorrow, it could be yours, G-d forbid.

What will it take for you to realize the damage you are causing? How many more people must be hurt?

I’m including some pictures so you can see some of his injuries. Please take a good look. Then DO something! This is on you.

Thank you.”

(Lakewood scoop - April 7, 2017)

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