Tuesday, April 25, 2017

North Carolina: Raheem Webber, 20, found guilty of animal cruelty involving his mother's pit bull and puppies

NORTH CAROLINA -- A Shelby man has been convicted of two counts of felony animal cruelty.

Because Raheem Webber, 20, committed more serious crimes while out on bond for the animal cruelty charges, they merged all of his sentences together. Otherwise, he never would have been sent to prison for animal cruelty.

While Webber was out on bond for the animal cruelty charges, he continued to commit crimes. In fact, just four months after being arrested and released on bond for the animal cruelty charges, Webber committed new crimes: breaking and entering, possession of firearm by a felon and resisting a public officer.

For these crimes, Webber will serve a minimum of ten months in prison (probably out in 3 months) followed by three years of probation.

You can read Webber's criminal details here at the North Carolina Department Of Public Safety Offender Public Information page

Webber was also ordered to pay $60 restitution to Hope Animal Hospital and $1,632.50 in court costs.

In opening arguments Thursday, Webber’s attorney, Pete Gilbert, asked the jury to question who the dogs actually belonged to - trying to pin the blame on Webber's mother, who was the owner of the dog and puppies.

In court Webber’s mother, Rachel Smith, testified for the state against her own son.

She pleaded guilty for misdemeanor animal cruelty in this case and testified the dogs were in the care of her son. Webber also took the stand.

Lt. Zac Lovelace, Animal Control supervisor, worked this case and was in court for the trial.

“He basically incriminated himself and admitted to it,” Lovelace said.


On November. 4, 2014, Cleveland County Animal Control was called to an apartment on Lenoir Drive, rented by Smith, about a sick dog.

When they arrived they found a dog with ribs showing and thick blood around her mouth and on the front of her chest.

“The mom was in need of emergency vet care,” Lovelace said.

The pit bull was taken by Animal Control.

The same day, the property manager of the apartment also found nine one-month-old puppies that were taken to Animal Control.

“Three dogs were outside. One was dead, and the other two were just left outside in the sun,” Lovelace said.

The other six puppies were found in Webber’s room at his mother’s home and were taken to Dr. Deanne Moseley of Hope Animal Hospital.

“The puppies had basically been starved to death because the mother was unable to eat due to a foreign body lodged in her throat,” read Moseley’s report.

Moseley determined the bone, likely from a cow, had become lodged and then tissue grew over the bone making it impossible for her to eat.

“It had to be in there for two-plus weeks,” Lovelace said.

Due to the extreme neglect of these animals, they were euthanized.

“They were suffering horribly,” Moseley’s report said.

Raheem Oshay Webber is listed at 1327 Lenoir Dr #B Shelby, NC and is affiliated with the Democratic Party. He is a black or african american male registered to vote in Cleveland County, North Carolina.


On April 17, Webber was convicted of possession with intent to distribute or sell cocaine.

Webber has past convictions for larceny of firearms. He also has pending charges of breaking and entering, possession of firearm by a felon and resisting a public officer in a separate case.

(Shelby Star - April 24, 2017)