Sunday, April 23, 2017

Oklahoma: Parolee Travis Wallis, arrested and charged with animal cruelty after stabbing his father's Dachshund to death

OKLAHOMA -- Travis Wallis faces charges of animal cruelty after allegedly stabbing and killing his father's Dachshund.

The owner of the dog, Donald Wallis, witnessed his son's brutal attack on his pet, according to an incident report.

Travis allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and approached the cage where the Dachshund was held.

Travis then removed the Dachshund from its cage and carried his dad's seven pound dog to the backyard, according to a Chickasha Police report.

Once outside, Travis held the dog by his neck and stabbed the dog repeatedly in the abdomen with the knife, the report said. His father Donald said the dog became lifeless as it was stabbed to death by Travis. 

Travis allegedly tried to get his father Donald to come to the backyard as well, but he refused. 

Travis, who stands about six feet tall and what appeared to be in robust health, claimed the dog bit his fingers, the report said.

Donald said Travis bit his own fingers before police arrived, the report said.

When Chickasha Police Officer Derek Hunt asked Travis if he had stabbed the dog, Travis allegedly admitted he stabbed the dog "five or six times." 

Officer Hunt said the dog was found in the backyard, with stab wounds and entrails showing. 

"It was obvious that the Dachshund died a violent death," Hunt said in the report.

Travis was placed under arrest.

En route to the Grady County Jail he made bizarre requests such as asking the arresting officer for a bug, such as a cockroach. Travis allegedly said he had used methamphetamine two or three days ago, the report said.

According to court records, Wallis had his bond increased from $50,000 to $200,000. Wallis' bond was increased due to prior convictions, according to the Grady County Court Clerk Office.

Full Name: Travis Marshall Wallis
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 06/21/1981
Arrest Age:35
Arresting Agency: CPD, Grady County, Oklahoma

ODOC# 269861

According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Wallis was given a 30-YEAR SENTENCE in 2005 after escaping from prison. He apparently is supposed to be on parole until 2024.

(Chickasa News - April 20, 2017)

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