Thursday, April 27, 2017

Oklahoma: William Harris pleads guilty to animal cruelty but still refuses to man up and take responsibility. He starved his six dogs; one of the dogs was found dead.

OKLAHOMA -- A Terlton man charged with animal cruelty waived his right to a preliminary hearing and entered a guilty plea before District Judge Jefferson Sellers on Friday.

William Daniel Harris (aka Bill Harris), 42, stood before the court and admitted to not taking his dogs to the veterinarian because of the cost, but he said the other allegations of neglect were not true.

Deputies said Harris’ five dogs were malnourished, emaciated and did not have food when they executed a search warrant on his property October 2016.

Photos taken by investigators show the dogs were emaciated to the point they look like they barely could stand.


“The dogs’ rib bones and hip bones were visible as well as lack of muscular structure,” an affidavit says.

A sixth dog was found dead.


Harris said his animals were hunting dogs and he is a hog hunter (of course he enjoys killing animals). According to deputies, they saw no water source and only could find empty dog food bags and some moldy dog food in a 55-gallon drum.

Harris told the court that the dogs didn’t have anything left in the feeder at the moment deputies arrived, because “they’re dogs and they eat when you feed them.”

OK moron. Explain the dead dog lying there rotting...


Sellers explained to Harris that by pleading guilty on Friday, he was giving up his right to provide store receipts or other information to prove he fed his animals.

Yeah, the reason he took the plea is because he had NO proof he fed his animals... deputies said there was NO food on the property "they saw no water source and only could find empty dog food bags and some moldy dog food in a 55-gallon drum". Billy was too busy stuffing his face to be bothered to buy dog food and waddle outside to feed his dogs.

Back in October 2016 his friend tried to make excuses for him, claiming that Billy spent $200 every two weeks on dog food for his six dogs. Um, yeah, no.


Harris went ahead with his plea. He will be sentenced on June 9.

The six counts of animal neglect each carry up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. -- He'll never get prison and I'll bet they only give him a $500 or less fine.

Does this dog look like it was being fed EIGHT POUNDS


(The Cleveland American - April 26, 2017)


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