Saturday, April 29, 2017

Pennsylvania: Police officer, responding to a domestic call, is attacked by pit bull

PENNSYLVANIA -- A Sharon patrolman is on medical leave after being badly injured by a dog early Friday morning while responding to a domestic call, police said.

Lt. Jeffrey A. Wiscott was treated at a local hospital for several puncture wounds, torn tissue and a large laceration on his right forearm, police said.

Police said Wiscott and patrolman Ryan Chmura responded at 2:47 a.m. to 287 Cedar Ave., where the caller said he was arguing with his brother who was drunk.

Lt. Wiscott is recovering after being
attacked by a pit bull

When they arrived, a woman – Stephanie D. McDonald, 54 – opened the door and police said they saw a brown pit bull behind her.

They said they ordered her to lock up the dog, and a man at the home – Richard W. McDonald Jr., 35 – took the dog upstairs.

Police said they went inside and settled the dispute, asking another man – Michael L. McDonald, 30 – to go upstairs.

Shortly afterward as police were leaving, the pit bull came running downstairs and attacked Lt. Wiscott, police said. 

Before officers could react, the dog lunged and grabbed Wiscott's right arm, police said.

Chmura drew his weapon and jumped back onto the couch but was unable to shoot the dog without hitting Wiscott, police said.

One of the owners grabbed the dog by the collar and pulled it away from Wiscott, police said.

The dog continued to lunge at the officers, even with Richard holding it back, police said.

A supervising officer arrived and took Wiscott to the emergency room. He was released pending further medical treatment, police said.

Shenango Valley Animal Shelter personnel removed the dog and quarantined it because it did not have a rabies vaccination, police said.

(Sharon Herald - April 22, 2017)

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