Friday, April 14, 2017

South Africa: Ten-year-old boy mauled to death by neighbor's Pit Bull

SOUTH AFRICA -- The first time the ball went over the fence, 10-year-old Nkanyiso fetched it without a problem.

But when the boy went to fetch the ball for a second time, it cost him his life.

Nkanyiso Wessel (10) and his friends were playing soccer in the yard at their house in KwaThema, Ekurhuleni last Wednesday.

When he went to fetch the ball again, his neighbor’s pit bull was waiting for him.

The dog grabbed him and mauled him on his thighs and legs.

Neighbors threw rocks and sticks at the dog and eventually it let go of the boy.

He was rushed to hospital but he died two days later.

The SPCA was called and the dog was put down.

Angry residents turned on the owner of the dog, a tenant in the neighbor’s yard, but the man jumped the fence and ran away.

“Nkanyiso thought there was no dog as he was not harmed the first time,” said his aunt, Cookie Wessel.

His distraught mother, Mbali Wessel, told Daily Sun her son loved soccer.

“He loved going to the stadiums to watch the soccer live and to see his favorites stars playing.”

An inquest docket has been opened at KwaThema Police Station.

Christine Kuch, spokeswoman for the NSPCA, said anyone who has been attacked, or who is the parent of a child who has been attacked, may lay charges and claim for medical expenses.

(Daily Sun - April 13, 2017)