Monday, April 10, 2017

South Carolina: Will Harpe says a vet cropped his puppy's ears but he refuses to give the name of the vet. Police believe he duct-taped his puppy and did it himself so he's been charged with animal cruelty

SOUTH CAROLINA -- The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office said a man is in custody after an incident of animal cruelty was posted on Snapchat.

Deputies said on Apr. 3, William Wendell Harpe III was arrested after an investigation. Deputies were notified after a photo of a dog possibly being abused was posted on Snapchat.

Investigators said Harpe wrapped a puppy's mouth and leg in duct tape to "keep from being bitten" while removing staples from the dog's ears.

Harpe told investigators the puppy had his ears cropped by a veterinarian.

Deputies said after an investigation, they were unable to identify a veterinarian who performed the procedure and Harpe refused to provide the name of one.

Harpe is charged with ill treatment of animals and giving false information to law enforcement.

Harpe reached out to FOX Carolina on social media, sharing a photo of the dog he said was taken minutes after the tape photo. Harpe said the tape was wrapped so the first layer was not stuck to the dog.

He also said he has rescued many dogs and believes the charges will be dropped.


William Wendell Harpe III 
Booking Number: WHMW12311984 
Booking on: 4/3/2017 
County: Cherokee, South Carolina
Date of Birth: 12/31/1984 
Gender: Male
Race: White
Violation Code: Arrest warrant 2017a11101
Violation Description: ILL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS

(WBTV - April 6, 2017)