Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wisconsin: Police searching for the person who is placing hot dogs laced with nails around apartment complex

WISCONSIN -- A Sauk County 3-year-old Yorkie-mix is lucky to be alive after eating hot dogs, stuffed with nails.

'She's quite the handful but the greatest little puppy," Her dog-dad Tom Deakin said about 'Clarice.'

Monday morning, little Clarice took a few big bites of hot dog pieces she found littered on the ground of Canyon Pointe Apartments in Lake Delton.

'Thought it was kind of odd, in the back of my mind, I thought someone was trying to poison the dogs." Deakin said.

A short time later, Canyon Pointe Apartments issued a warning to property owners about 'food with nails' being found in common areas and staircases.

"If the allegations are true and that was the intent of what the person responsible was doing, I think it's horrible."  Lake Delton Police Lieutenant Bill Laughlin said.

He says he can't comment more on the pending investigation, but does say his detectives are speaking with a person of interest.

Hill-Dale Veterinary Hospital's Dr. Sam Steinich discovered six nails unable to pass through the ten pound pet.  She performed an emergency surgery on Clarice, Tuesday night.

"It just breaks our heart, we are shocked," Dr. Steinich said.  "It's so tough, I think the best advice is being conscientious of who or what is near your animal," she added.

Deakin agrees with Dr. Steinich.

He says he'll keep a closer eye on Clarice.

"No more hot dogs, that's for sure!" He said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with vet bills:

Help Clarice
Created April 25, 2017 by jennifer ramos

Well to start off I recently moved from Milwaukee,Wisconsin to the Baraboo area for a job. Along with me on the move to baraboo were my two dogs, booker and clarice. Booker is a 9 year old Boston Terrier who has overcame challenging health issues. Clarice is a 4 year old Yorkie Terrier Mix who I adopted about one year ago from the Milwaukee Humane Society. Clarice is a very friendly and playful dog who can always put a smile on your face.

On 4/25/17 I received a call from management of the Canyon Pointe Apartments I live at. This call was to inform me that someone has placed small cut up pieces of hot dogs through the hallway of my building and outside grassy area. Inside these hot dog pieces were about 3-5 small finishing nails!!! Upon hearing this it immediately alerted me.

As I was letting my dogs out earlier that day I noticed my Yorkie (Clarice) eat 3 of the small hot dog pieces before I pulled her away. I didn't think much of the hot dogs and figured they fell out of someone's garbage or dropped by a small kids. I spoke with several other people who live in the same building as me and came to a conclusion that this incident was done on purpose to target dogs at the apartment.

I then took Clarice to the vet for an Xray which revealed 6 nails stuck inside her stomach and 1 somehow luckily on its way out. The option to leave then in her stomach and hope for a safe exit is too risky due to the sharp nails possibly puncturing holes inside her body. Surgery is the only reasonable option.

A police report was files regarding this incident.

My animals are like my children and I'd appreciate any donation or help.

Also thanks to Hill-Dale Veterinary Hospital for all their help with his horrible situation.

Update 1
These were the size of the nails inside her

Update 2
Post surgery all nails out! She was still drowsy from anaesthesia and now taken to Middleton vet for overnight monitoring.

Update 3
Clarice's first night back home. She's very scared and sad that she has to be restricted from playing until she heals. Thank you for all ur prayers and donations!!

(WKOW - April 26, 2017)

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