Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Australia: Family devastated after their cat Pearl is mauled to death inside their own garage

AUSTRALIA -- A shaken family has urged owners to keep their pets indoors after a brutal dog attack resulted in the “heartbreaking” death of their beloved cat.

Kathleen Dawe watched her three-year-old Ragdoll-cross-Himalayan cat “Pearl” die in her arms from internal injuries after two dogs attacked in the open garage of her Kooringal home around 6am on Anzac Day.

I can't bear to look at this photo. The pain and confusion
in her eyes.. 'Mommy what happened to me?' It must
be a horrible, helpless feeling knowing you can't do
anything for your baby who's dying in your arms.

Ms Dawe’s daughter Maddison Salmon heard noises and ran to Pearl’s rescue, as one of the dogs jumped on Miss Salmon, attempting to attack her arm.

Miss Salmon kicked one dog away before watching on in helpless horror as Pearl was viciously pinned down.

Pearl as a baby

“My daughter said she wishes she had been bitten because then these dogs might be put down,” Ms Dawe said.

“Being an animal, people don’t see it in the same light but it was absolutely horrifying.”


An indoor cat, the family left Pearl outdoors after she had snuck out during the night and couldn’t be coaxed inside.

“I keep thinking what if she hadn’t of been outside that morning, what if the garage had been finished and the dogs couldn’t get through,” Ms Dawe said.

“None of the 'what ifs' will bring her back though.”

Ms Dawe said the family weren’t the only victims of the vicious incident, claiming a neighbor’s cat was also killed on the same morning, matching the description of the two attacking dogs.

“I want to find the dogs who did this; someone needs to take responsibility for them,” Ms Dawe said.

“I want to remind others to keep their pets inside and always keep a close eye on them. There are memories of Pearl everywhere we walk.”

(Daily Advertiser - April 27, 2017)

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