Monday, May 22, 2017

California: Little boy mauled by pit bull when he goes to friend's house to see if she wants to come out and play

Mandy Beason added 2 new photos — at California.
May 18 at 1:56am ·

My son was attacked by a big ass pit bull

My poor baby he's such a little trooper I cryed more than he did

Terry Brown - amanda is chris okay? where did it happen at? PLEASE get back at me ASAP. I love you both.

Mandy Beason - Omg Terry his arm it's so bad I can't believe this shit he got bit by Candace Woodward's pit bull dude she has been staying at the guesthouse and Chris went over there to see if her daughter Josie could come outside and play and her dogs got out and mauled my baby boy

Roger Crawford - I was attacked by a pit bull in 2015... Make sure you lawyer up quick...I had to go on the Judge Judy show and only got $5000 for $20,000 in medical bills... IM if you need anything... Hope your little guy heals up... It's the nightmares that are harder to deal with than the physical pain

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