Wednesday, May 10, 2017

February 2017 - Indiana: Amber Davis, 23, arrested after abandoning her Lab mix puppies inside her filthy trailer to die

INDIANA -- An arrest has been made after five puppies were found emaciated last month in an abandoned trailer in Charlestown, Indiana.

Amber Davis, 23, was arrested Friday in Clark County after an officer spotted her walking along Ridge Road. She was taken in without incident.

A warrant for her arrest was issued late last month on charges of animal cruelty.
Police said the black Lab mix puppies were left alone for two week after Davis moved out of the trailer she lived in on Beechwood Drive.

When the 8-month-old puppies were rescued, three only weighed 14 pounds, compared to the 25 pounds that they are supposed to weigh. Those dogs were taken to The Arrow Fund for treatment.


The other two were not as badly emaciated and were sent to Clark County Animal Control.

Officers said they found the puppies with no food or water, and the trailer was covered in feces.

A spokesperson with The Arrow Fund said the dogs began eating and responding well, but one has a heart murmur and is receiving treatment.

Davis is facing five counts of animal cruelty.


(WLKY - Feb 4, 2017)