Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Florida: Landan Waldock, 21, left his dog in a small metal cage sitting out in the sun until it died. Then he got on Facebook and called everyone names.

FLORIDA -- A 21-year-old Palatka man was arrested after a dog was found dead inside a cage on his property, authorities said Monday.

Landan Blaine Waldock was charged with felony animal cruelty and booked into the Putnam County jail, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Animal control officers called deputies for help about 2 p.m. Thursday after they saw the dog in apparent pain, deputies said. It was confined to a small metal cage left out in the sun and there was no water nearby.

By the time deputies showed up at 106 Karen Drive, the dog was dead.

The animal’s owner, Waldock, was out of town. Reached by phone, he told deputies he had given the dog water and food “a day or so ago.”

A veterinarian who examined the 3-year-old animal concluded it died from dehydration because of the heat and lack of water, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

“Cruelty to animals in this case was particularly egregious because this poor dog was forced to suffer a slow, painful death by withholding water and food during extremely high temperatures,” Sheriff Gator DeLoach said.

Waldock was taken into custody Thursday and released the next day on $2,500 bail.


Landan Waldock - This isnt even the whole story you all are ignorant, i ever mistreated my dog he was having trouble eating for awhile i cant afford the vet i gave him water he knocked it over it was really hot outside every animal ive ever had has been healthy and in good shape im sick and tired of you all slandering my name im a good person i do have a daughter that i love with my whole.heart i take care of everything for her im the one that supplies diapers whipes food juice whatever she needs and clothing im not some piece of shit im 21 years old and trying to figure out my life. I am not an animal abuser i loved that dog but you all will think and say what you want

Tori Holland - Question.... why wasn't your dog put in some place with space and shade and food and water? lol f you where out of town why not find a responsible person to watch your beloved pup while you're busy else where?

Tori Holland - I've had to keep dogs on a chain outside before due to them chewing things in the house. Yet shade and shelter was provided from a porch and a bucket that was supported where the dog couldn't accidentally dump her food or water.

Landan Waldock - Like i said say what you want you dont know my situation at all i dont have to answer your questions im just simply stating none of you know the whole story you only.believe what you read on facebook

Rachel Lloyd - I know enough that your dog died of dehydration, outside in the Florida heat -- something that would have never happened if you were competant.

You may have loved the dog, but you failed to keep him happy, healthy and alive. You don't deserve another dog because of that failure and the information provided to us here in the post that you have yet to actually counter.

Landan Waldock - Think and say what you want i know what all happend, you all dont

John Dandle - The bottom line, the dog was left in the sun. In a cage. While you were gone. You dont have to explain, you dont have to answer. You came on here, of your own free will, so you deal with the consequences. A poor animal suffered for you negligence.

Landan Waldock - You all are ignorant af

John Dandle - And you're an asshole for letting a dog sit in the sun for a day. You made you bed, intentional or not,lay in it.

Anthony Corchado - Landan Waldock seriously u sound ignorant af. No matter what side of the story is. A dog was left put in the sun in a cage. Lets hope it doesnt shit or piss the whole day or knock over its water bowl trying to escape cause its dying. The full story. A guy leaves dog in cage with no access to food or water in the sun and dies. That guy is you point blank.

Cameron Leigh Sullivan - I suggest all of you keep your opinion to yourself. It is heartbreaking as hell to see this bullshit all over FB. Considering he wasn't your dog you have no say in the matter. What happened was terrible. I've never been more heartbroken. He was an amazing and loving dog. No one else's opinions matter in this situation. It happened and is over with. Mind your own business and keep to your own lives.

Cameron Leigh Sullivan - And btw he wasn't out of town for days he was working making a living. He was hoping to be home in time to care for him. Yes it has been too damn hot for him to be outside I am also upset but I don't blame him. Things happen he's gone now and will be terribly missed. So take your bullshit opinions and shove it up your ass.

Jill Lorenz Lynady - Smh!!! That is disgusting and he should be locked up for a long time! What a piece of crap

Landan Waldock - He was in a cage because he didnt get along with my exs animals who where healthy when the cops came to the scene he didnt like any other animal or people so he lived in a large dog size cage not a small cage and he had a 5 gallon buvket of water which he knocked over i was at work when he passed not out bullshitting and ive had animal control called on me mutiple times becauze my dogs jumping my fence and terrorizing my neighborhood and my neighbors would call and say they looked like shit animal control comes andnsees them all healthy as could be im.not some piece of shit that hurts animals and theres plenty of empty dog food bags in my garbage and all the animals i had where healthy im not a piece of shit judge me the way you want

Mary K Williams - You're a piece of shit!! There is NO excuse!! You need to suffer the exact same fate! I have a dog that I rescued from unthinkable trash like you...I can't even imagine what a miserable death that dog suffered!! You should've gotten rid of the dog!

Landan Waldock - Ive had animals my whole life and never mistreated one

Alex Samuel - Until now

Dylan Hayes - Y'all are some really shitty people to talk shit so quick. Because no one else on here has made mistakes. I've known Landon a long time and I promise he's a better person than all of you talking shit.

Full Name: Landan Blaine Waldock
Address given: 106 Karen Drive, Palatka FL 32177
Gender: Male
Arrest Age: 21
Time: 10:43 PM
Total Bond: $2500

  • STATUTE: 828.12.2 (T F)
  • BOND: $2,500

Full name: Landan Blaine Waldock
Address given: 6007 4th Manor East, Palatka FL 32177
Race: White
Sex: Male
Birthdate: 02/12/1996
Arrest age: 18
Arrest date: 10/18/2014
Arresting agency: Putnam County Sheriff's Office
  • Statute: 784.03.1a1
  • Bond: $1,504

(The St. Augustine Record - May 23, 2017)