Monday, May 29, 2017

Georgia: Jordan Sanders, 21, arrested after leaving puppy inside hot vehicle in Walmart parking lot

GEORGIA -- A puppy left in a SUV in the East Walnut Avenue Wal-Mart parking lot on a hot day led to the arrest of a Rocky Face man on animal cruelty charges.

Jordan Brent Sanders, 21, of 402 Sansom Road, was charged by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday afternoon and released later in the day on a $750 bond. Calls to a number listed for Sanders were not immediately answered Wednesday afternoon.

According to an incident report, responding deputies at 4:19 p.m. found the approximately two-month-old puppy in a red Ford Explorer with the window down an inch with no visible water.

Deputies reported the outside temperature of a patrol car was 93 degrees and “determined it to be significantly greater” inside of the Explorer. 

The report says the puppy was “displaying signs of distress including severe panting and yelping multiple times.”

"The puppy was presenting signs of dehydration by panting and drinking water in such a desperate manner when offered by deputies," the report stated.

After running the vehicle's tag, deputies had Wal-Mart employees ask Sanders to return to his SUV. When Sanders came outside, he told deputies he had only been in the store for “a few minutes.” 

A check of the surveillance video in the parking lot showed the puppy was left in the vehicle unattended for approximately 37 minutes.

A Whitfield County Animal Control employee said the puppy was turned over to one of Sanders’ family members at the scene.


Angie_Carroll_Webb 11 days ago
Funny they don't mention that he bought gravy train and water for the dog and it was already in the car readily available, not did they mention he had just had to pick up 3 prescriptions from inside that they said they had ready, because he was sick. They didn't mention how they didn't crack the window for my son in the back of their hot patrol car either, nor that they had been to Walmart and picked up 8 dogs that day. Why is he the only one you put in here, and his dog wasn't even taken? Does that not tell you that you are missing some information?? Call my # I ll get him for you. I ll get the yelping dog no one wanted that he took in and got a ticket for too. It yelps all day and night!!! An it has gravy train! Plenty! An yes it was stupid, but he didn't see the new Walmart commerical where they now allow you to bring it in. Yes it was a mistake, but I would be willing to bet you could have posted a felony cruelty case here rather than one where a child and family were involved. Good work Daily Citizen! I wish the police would have taken that dog!

Angie_Carroll_Webb 11 days ago
Jordan's asked me to clarify that they did not specify they had taken 8 dog's but that they had been there 8x that day.

Angie_Carroll_Webb 11 days ago
It won't let me edit but the little princess had kibbles n bits , not gravy train, his wife clarified that one. As I said they had just got the dog, an I hope my son is on his way to your office, and that you will tell both sides. I have never in my life. Do you think he learned his lesson? I do. So what's this all about?

(Dalton Daily Citizen - May 17, 2017)